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From the October 17, 2013 Sheriff’s Report

Oct. 4: 5:08 PM: Theft 1, Criminal Mischief 1 – Mp. 9, McK. Hwy. Taken: about 500 ft. of phone line stolen off pole. About 20 people are out of service – should be restored in about 3 hours. Report taken.

Oct. 4: 8:01 PM: Suspicious Conditions – McK. Hwy. & Thurston Rd. Caller saw a small yellow possibly Datsun pickup parked on the wrong side of the road near a bucket truck w/o markings. Caller suspects they were stealing wire – no cones or lights. 20:09: Advised this is the flagger’s truck. They will be on the scene throughout the night & weekend. Info taken.

Oct. 5: 7:47 AM: Reckless Driving – Mp. 12, McK. Hwy. Caller advises a log truck almost ran a school bus off the road, OSP advised.

Oct. 5: 2:55 PM: Traffic Hazard – Deerhorn Rd. & Booth Kelly Rd. Report of 20 – 25 teenagers blocking the road. They are skateboarding on the street. One kid was bleeding. They all have pads & helmets but caller does not think this is a safe place to skateboard. Info relayed.

Oct. 5: 3:20 PM: Non-injury Accident – McK. Hwy. & McK. River Dr. 3 vehicles are involved, 2 hit by 1. Caller believes the driver of the car that hit her is intoxicated – all declining medics. OSP advised. 15:27: Call taker instructed intoxicated driver to stay. OSP trooper is en route – ETA 45 minutes. 15:34: Involved tan Chevy 4X4 has left, westbound.

Oct. 5: 6:45 PM: Suspicious Conditions – 57000 block. N. Bank Rd. Caller advises husband was playing on his dirt bike in the front yard, wrecked & cut his head. Involved is declining medics, declining police. Info relayed.

Oct. 5: 8:10 PM: Gunshot Wound – 56000 block, McK. Hwy. Female advises she & fiancé heard gunshots outside. He took his gun outside & possibly shot someone. He did not come back. Female caller is hysterical. 20:21: This was illegal fireworks – no trespass, no crime, no injury. Disregard.

Oct. 9: 3:08 PM: Explosion – 35000 block, McK. View Dr. Caller heard a loud explosion – no smoke or flames observed. Electricity is still on. Info taken.

Oct. 9: 11:30 PM: ATL Drunk Driver – Mp. 50, USFS Rd. #19. Caller advises multiple intoxicated subjects at Terwilliger Hot Springs parking lot were about to drive away & head to Bend. Subjects are all together, appear to be minors. OSP advised.

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