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November 7, 2013

“Congratulations!  We do hope that many of us older folk won’t lose the comfort of the printed page, held in the usual manner between a late morning cup of coffee and a cozy fire.  The Internet provides many things to many people, but is as cold as a heartless mistress  (that was Glenn Campbell’s prose - not mine) .“

“Your NewsArk project sounds like a great one. I’m old fashioned and still write letters and still like to read newspapers. But I know there will be many who will appreciate the updated versions of all those issues. Good luck.”

Notes like those have come from people in response to our announcement of a new project that will help us preserve 35 years of history contained in the back issues of this newspaper.

By Tuesday morning 21 contributors had pledged $3,260 on our fundraising website at Most of those backers have chosen to remain anonymous. They’ve also opted not to sign up for a perk - ranging from postcards or bumper stickers to T-shirts or lifetime subscriptions. That choice means more of their money will go to the project. And, like the notes above show, some people prefer to side step the online process - mailing checks for the NewsArk directly to us.

We really appreciate all that encouragement and support.

Another note asked a question some people might also have: “Can you pinpoint for me the advantage and necessity of the NewsArk project after SmallTownPapers has already created a public searchable database?”

The searchable database is an extremely useful research tool. It accurately locates key words or phrases and creates a list of clickable links to past articles containing that material, however, the search results in only an image of a printed page.

The NewsArk is designed to take the digital transformation one notch higher - truly accessable pages. Just ask anyone who now has a digital subscription to River Reflections. They’ve told us they really appreciate the ability to copy & paste both text and images so that they can then print out or email items to friends and family.

If you’d like to see what we’re talking about, contact us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to send you a sample, as well as accept a contribution.


McKenzie River Reflections


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