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The flying toilet

Flying toiletModular restroom swings into Hendricks Wayside

WALTERVILLE: Passersby may have been surprised last week if they noticed a big crane set up in the parking area at the Hendricks Bridge Wayside Park. Those who timed their passing right got to see parts of a building being hoisted high in the air. The work involved workers from Lane County Parks who tore down an old building and constructed a new restroom facility, along with replacing sidewalks at the popular site. The project, in cooperation with the Oregon State Marine Board, was the first phase of improvements to the Hendricks Bridge Wayside. That initial work was part of grant financed improvements fueled by the Oregon State Marine Board with funds provided by boat registrations. The second phase, according to Mike Russell, Parks and Animal Services Division Manager, is hoped to be completed by the end of 2016. It is designed to expand the parking lot and reconfigure the boat ramp into the McKenzie River. The reconfiguration would orient the ramp at more of a downstream angle to help make it a bit more “maintenance friendly,” Russell noted.

“The toe of the ramp gets washed away every year,” Russell said. When that happens, people launching boats have often found their trailers falling off the end of the ramp. Russell said Lane County Parks Division will apply for another grant in the Spring of 2015 for the second phase. “If unsuccessful, Lane County Parks will resubmit in future grant cycles.,” he added. Over the years, Lane County Parks has worked with other public agencies and volunteer groups to help maintain the parks, waysides and boat ramps along the McKenzie River. Over the last three years, the work of routine maintenance along the McKenzie has been contracted out by Lane County Parks in an effort to cut costs and still provide a minimum level of service up the river. In November 2014, the contract with Full Circle Property Management expired and Lane County Parks decided to allocate staff resources to begin routine maintenance runs again. “Lane County Parks staff identified specific maintenance items that were not part of the contract work that needed attention and would be better served by Parks staff,” Russell says. “Some of those items include routine roof maintenance, picnic table replacements, trail maintenance, and similar heavy maintenance items that would not be appropriate for a contractor to do.” As a result, Lane County Parks hired a temporary employee to assist a regular employee to perform the regular maintenance runs up the river. “During this time of year, crews perform maintenance two-times per week at 26 sites,” according to Russell. “During the recreation season the frequency increases to three times per week.” For more information contact Mike Russell, Lane County Parks Division Manager at 541-682-2000.

Lowering toilet






Image at top: Photo Courtesy Lane County Parks. Crews from Oldham Crane Service positioning half of a two-piece pre-fab concrete restroom last Wednesday at the Hendricks Wayside Park in Walterville.

Image at bottom: Positioning 1 section of the 2-piece structure.


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