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McKenzie School Strategic Plan: Student Input


McKenzie students in grades, 8, 10-11 and 12 were interviewed to get their input for three categories: Strengths, Challenges and opportunities. Below is a compilation of their input.


Caring staff                                                                       Athletics

Small classes                                                                    More instructional time (hour long classes)

Relevant instruction                                                       Technology improvements

Hands on activities                                                          Aspire                                                                                       

Clean school/environment                                            Reinforced learning

Awesome food service program                                 Have fun

Respectful students                                                        Students treated with respect

Scholarships                                                                     Individual attention

Core classes


Shortage of funds                                                            Study hall

Pacing                                                                                 Gum everywhere

Vandalism                                                                          Passing time

Too few electives (Art, CTE)                                          Technology Freedom

Cutting class                                                                       Enough break time

Fun classes                                                                          Need more sports (soccer/Lacrosse)

Graduation rate                                                                 Engagement

Class scheduling conflicts                                                Not enough time to shower

Need more AP classes                                                    Online courses

Add class period                                                              Need more foreign languages  

Stall doors in bathrooms needed                                 More science labs

Newer library books                                                       No air conditioning in classrooms


More gardening                                                                           More sports (see above)

Art, Metal Shop/Welding, Home Economics,                         Rewards for student achievement

Drivers Education, Environmental                                            Increase number of club activities

Occupations, job shadowing, Forestry,                                    Phone usage                                                                      

Health occupations, Machine shop, Hospitality,                    Upgrade computer labs

Entrepreneurship class, Leadership class                                Computers in each classroom

Phone usage                                                                               More assemblies                                                               

EWEB, Fire Department                                                            Provide more technology to students                   

More Field trips                                                                          Have assignments available via the internet                                                               

Longer passing time                                                                  More availability of college courses

More food variety (wraps, sandwiches)                               Vending machines

Google Docs for student use                                                  Online grading

More group work                                                                    SAT/ACT prep class

Add computer science classes                                              Study abroad opportunities

Bring in guest speakers                                                          Download textbooks to computers


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