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Strolling above Sahalie Falls

Sahalie slack lineMCKENZIE BRIDGE: Ex-treme-sport enthusiasts from Canada were walking an inch-wide band of nylon across the 90-foot high Sahalie Falls last Monday afternoon.

Michael Neururer and the other members of the group, SlackLifeBc, crossed the high span during a tour of Oregon highline locations, including Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon.

“It was a group of ten people from all over,” Neururer said. “The slacklifeBC crew, Ari in the air from Oregon, one from Hawaii, a few from Colorado and even Europeans.”

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia,  the  SlackLife  organization follows a team of mountain athletes as “they push the limits exploring mountains and the sport of slacklining,” according to the group’s website, which features images and videos of their exploits.

Neururer said the group arrived at the waterfall around lunch time. “With all the hands the line was set up within 45 minutes and ready to be walked. Seven out of the ten all walked the line and did various acrobatic tricks on them such as splits, planks, exposure turns etc.,” he said.

They gave to local site high marks. “To find such a magical place full of positive energy and a waterfall and pools with the purest water we have ever seen made this place to something special,” Neururer said. “You could feel the beginning of life in its rawest form. This was the highlight of our promo trip.”

Image above: Photo Courtesy SlackLifeBc. Thrill seekers returned to the McKenzie River last week when seven people took turns walking a line stretched across Sahalie Falls.


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