Make the McKenzie Connection!

Photos from Finn Rock

Dave Quillan

1 - Dave Quillin, McKenzie "Redsides" Ca. 1956.





















Don & Gene



2 - Don & Gene Scott.  McKenzie "Bums"  Finn Rock  Ca. 1955



Town team


3.  McKenzie Bridge "Town Team" Ca 1954  (I can ID about half of them if you wish.  A few are  still alive.  

Many people have probably forgotten there used to be a pretty fair baseball field at Vida.  It was located on the north side of the highway; a block or two west of the Vida Cafe.  Dave Quillan's father on the right.  He and the guy on the left (Vance Coombs) were the managers.




Redsides '58

1 - McKenzie Redsides @ Vida.  Senior State League Champions 1956





















Dave Q



2 -  Dave Quillin.  Eugene Emeralds 1958






















003 - Looks a road trip.  I don't recognize the bleachers.  Spectators are: L to R  Earl Christian (owner of Finn Rock Store &, his wife Pearl. Irene Quillin, Diane Helfrich, Tim Bunnell (right handed pitcher)



























005 - McKenzie home game about 1957.  Player facing the camera is Lamar White.  To his left also facing is Ralph Gregory (1957)   On the far end sitting is catcher Lonnie Shepard    (1957)  & Dave Quillan standing next to him.


















Town team practice





006 - Town team practice at McKenzie Bridge.   Early 50's



















Dave pitching



007 - Dave Quillan pitching at MHS.
























McKenzie "Bums" at Vida






08 - McKenzie "Bums" at Vida, Ca. 1955


















EBBA Champs




010 - EBBA Champs.  1955






























Bobby Doerr




011 - Bobby Doerr at Fred Behm's house on Blue River following tournament  1956






















On ther road



012 - Redsides on the road somewhere.



















Bobby Doerr w/Sumner

015 - Bobby Doerr w/Sumner, WA pitcher after tourney was over.  Bobby league prez...

























Crowd at Vida




016 - Crowd at Vida during tourney.  That's me on the end.  Dave Quillan umpired one game.  Regular ump ill.


























McKenzie Bridge




017 - McKenzie Bridge






















Redsides at Bethel Park




018 - Redsides at Bethel Park.  1956



























Photos Courtesy Dave Quillan


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