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From the September 1, 2016 Sheriff's Reports

Excerpts from the Sept. 1, 2016 Sheriff's Reports

Aug. 16: 1:57 pm: Criminal Trespass – 47000 block, McK. Hwy. Complainant is having a new septic system installed. Neighbor is repeatedly coming over & impeding work crew, calling the county saying the crew is violating land use law & calling power company saying they are digging up utility lines. Caller advises she comes over at night & turns off the house that needs to fill the tank. She is delaying the project, costing money.

1:56 pm: Criminal Trespass – 48000 block, McK. Hwy. Male subject on foot came down the mountain onto caller’s property. Caller’s husband advised him he was on private property & needed to leave. Subject kept advancing. Husband threw a rock at him. Male took off back towards the mountain, husband felt threatened by the male. Involved is very stocky, unable to provide better description due to it being dark. 00:13: Caller can see male trying to sneak back onto the property. He has tried to come down at least 5 times, hides when husband starts yelling. 1:03: Husband went outside & started up a chainsaw. He heard a dirt bike start up & saw it ride away with 2 people on it. It left eastbound on McK. Hwy., has been on BLM property & came down to caller’s property to get to the road.

Aug. 18: 6:24 pm: Weapon, Shots Fired – 90000 block, Sunderman Rd. Area resident reports it sounds to be coming from an automatic weapon of some type.

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