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McKenzie Memories looks back at guiding

4th annual program will highlight tourist industry’s base

Log Cabin Guides

EUGENE: This year’s McKenzie Memories event will celebrate the history of the River with storytelling, rare historic photos, artifacts, and more. This year’s program ranges from a picture view of historic McKenzie River lodges like the Log Cabin Inn and the lodge at Foley Hot Springs to local storytellers Steve Schaefers, Don Wouda, and Dana Burwell from the McKenzie River Guides Association, founded in 1931.

People attending the event can expect to hear stories about what life was like as a guide in the early 1900s and the guides’ key role in conservation and stewardship of the McKenzie River.

Also on the agenda for the night sponsored by the McKenzie River Trust is a presentation by former river guide and hydrologist Gordon Grant on what makes the McKenzie’s geology so unique.

“At McKenzie Memories, we invite the community to explore the history of a river we all love,” said Joe Moll, the MRT’s executive director. “This river is special not only for it’s towering trees, spawning salmon, and whitewater, but for the stories of the people who have lived here and loved it for generations.”

The public kick off of the McKenzie Homewaters Campaign, a project that builds on the McKenzie River Trust’s recent conservation work near Finn Rock.

The 6th annual McKenzie Mem-ories story telling event will be held on Friday, April 7th, at 7 p.m. at Venue 252 located at 252 Lawrence Street in Eugene. The doors will open at 6 p.m.

People interested in attending should reserve their seats ASAP, as tickets are expected to sell out in advance.

Early arrivals can listen to the acoustic music of the band Blue McKenzie and be able to see displays of old wooden drift boats, river guide cookery, vintage fly fishing gear and more early McKenzie artifacts. Dinner from food carts, and refreshments including Ninkasi and Oakshire beer, and WildCraft Cider will be available for purchase.

Tickets are priced at $15 and are selling quickly for this popular annual event. To purchase a ticket, visit or call Holly McRae at the McKenzie River Trust office: 541-345-2799.

Photo Courtesy Curtis Irish. A string of pack horse were key to hauling supplies into the back country jaunts.

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