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From the October 5, 2017 Sheriff's Reports

Sept. 18: 9:49 am: Abandoned Vehicle – 41000 block, Holden Creek Ln. Involved is an older blue Toyota pickup, tags are expired. It has been parked there since Thursday of last week. Note on driver’s side seat – went for services, please don’t tow. Appears a transient is living in it & are down on their luck. Caller requests wait a few days. She will call back if vehicle is still there.

11:38 am: Criminal Trespass – 88000 block, Whitsell Ln. Subject is believed to be camping in a trailer on the property – is posted No Trespassing.

11:57 am: MVA – Marcola Rd. & Alder Branch Rd. Rollover – driver was out & walking around. Fire Dept. is en route. Driver was transported to the hosp[ital as a precaution.

1:22 pm: Assist Outside Agency – 45000 block, N. Gate Creek Rd.

2:44 pm: Vehicle Stop – McK. Hwy. & Yeager Rd.

8:26 pm: Assault – 91000 block, Mill Creek Rd. Complainant was stuck by a needle while in the rest room – put hand in toilet paper dispenser & was a needle up there. Caller removed the needle, has been to doctor & is on preventive meds.

Sept. 19: 3:06 am: MVA – Marcola Rd. & Sunderman Rd. Witness advises Mercedes flipped on the east side of the road, unknown if it is occupied. 03:18 Old accident, no need for medics to go.

7:01 am: Criminal Trespass – 88000 block, Whitsell Ln. Signed letter requesting removal of 3 people currently staying on property.

9:28 am: Abandoned Vehicle – Holden Creek Ln. & Bridge St. Involved is a smaller blue Toyota truck. It appears intact. Window is down, items in the back are covered by tarps.

9:34 am: Burglary – 91000 block, Blue River Dr. Taken: Jewelry, financial reports & art.

9:39 am: Violation of Restraining Order – 38000 block, Wendling Rd. Subject is currently sleeping in a camper at location.

3:44 pm: Traffic Hazard – Marcola Rd. & Alder Branch Rd. Vehicle was involved in an accident yesterday – currently trying to get it on a flatbed, having some issues. 15:50: Involved advised to get it off the fog line & get a better vehicle to remove the wreck.

4:19 pm: Theft – 45000 block, N. Gate Creek Rd. Complainant was removed from the property by a restraining order. He gave keys to 2 females to pick up his property. A female took a lot of the property.

7:56 pm: Suspicious Conditions – 93000 block, Holland Ln. No injury, caller changed his story a few times.

Sept. 20: 8:01 am: Restraining Order Service – 93000 block, Marcola Rd.

8:16 am: Civil Service – 90000 block, Hill Rd.

9:09 am: Suspicious Vehicle – 51000 block, Blue River Dr. Involved white Oldsmobile Cutlass has been parked at location for over a week – switched plates on vehicle. 13:11: Seizing the plates & tagging the vehicle.

1:36 pm: Violation of Restraining Order – 38000 block, Wendling Rd.

7:38 pm: Assist, Follow Up – 37000 block, Green Ln.

Sept. 21: 7:45 am: Reckless Driving – 38000 block, Shotgun Creek Rd. Caller advises male subject frequently takes his white Jeep Cherokee off road in the park area, through the woods. Complainant is concerned as this is prohibited in the area. Subject frequently posts about illegal off-roading on Facebook. Complainant has screen shots. 07:52: Hold for BLM.

8:14 am: Theft – 44000 block, McK. Hwy. Complainant left her car on the property. When she returned to retrieve her black 2007 Nissan Altima she found it stripped.

9:31 am: Disturbance, Dispute – 8600 block, Thurston Rd. Male vs. female. Female was screaming, male was pushing female multiple times. She did fall at one point, unknown if she was injured. 09:33: OSP dispatching.

1:01 pm: Welfare Check – 90000 block, Marcola Rd. Attorney ha attempted to contact involved several times, believes a subject is controlling her. Caller wants to ensure she is still alive.

1:34 pm: Theft – 7500 block, Thurston Rd. Next brand gold kids bike was stolen from front yard. Complainant witnessed male take off with the bike. He rang her doorbell first. Male had gray hair, wearing jeans & blue shirt or jacket.

4:20 pm: Medical Info Call – 88000 block, Running Springs Rd.

6:56 pm: Motor Vehicle Accident – Marcola Rd. & Paschelke Rd. 2 – 3 vehicles involved in head-on collision. 2 confirmed patients. Guardrail has been damaged; some of the posts have been broken off. 21:00: Tow is clear, road is open.

6:59 pm: Animal At Large – 43000 block, Greenwood Village Dr. Neighbor’s 2 bulls are on caller’s property.

7:41 pm: Incomplete 911 Call – 94000 block, Johnson Rd.

8:19 pm: Suspicious Conditions– 40000 block, McK. Hwy. Subject came up to complainant’s gate & asked for a ride – said something about the cougars are going to get him. Caller was uncomfortable because male was carrying a spear. Involved is in his 30’s, 6’, medium build, wearing white BB hat & dark clothing.

Sept. 22: 7:20 am: Assist, Follow Up – Marcola area.

9:45 am: Livestock At Large – 43000 block, Greenwood Village Dr. Report of a black 5 – 8 year old smaller bull walking down Greenwood Dr.

10:36 am: Criminal Trespass – 88000 block, Whitsell Ln. Subject has moved into residence without permission. Caller has told him to leave & given him trespass letters twice in the last 17 days. He was originally in a tent.

12:53 am: Prowler – 45000 block, McK. Hwy. Caller saw 2 subjects with flashlights trying to break into neighbor’s trailer. They have been in the area for past 45 minutes.

2:48 pm: Suspicious Conditions– 39000 block, Deerhorn Rd. A dark gray or blue vehicle has been parked over the hillside for the last 10 days. Caller cannot conform that it is unoccupied – not taped.

6:32 pm: Assist Outside Agency – N. Gate Creek Rd. & McK. Hwy.

12:33 pm: Fraud – 51000 block, McK. Hwy. Complainant found a vehicle through Craigslist, was sent an email indicating they were funding through Ebay Motors. Complainant received another letter indicating the needed additional money to deliver the car. Legit Ebay advised this is a fraud, funds have been frozen.

Sept. 23: 00:54 am: Disorderly Subject – Savage St. & Marcola Rd. Resolved – gone.

8:34 am: Vehicle Stop – McK. Hwy. & Camp Creek Rd.

8:38 am: Civil Service – 37000 block, MJ Chase Rd.

9:08 am: Subpoena Service – 91000 block, Donna Rd.

9:17 am: Vehicle Stop – Marcola Rd. & Old Mohawk Rd.

10:42 am: Weapon, Gunshot Wound – 7600 block, Thurston Rd. Male shot the tip of his left ring finger – Currently at McKenzie Willamette Hospital.

12:54 am: Disorderly Subject – Savage St. & Marcola Rd.

3:55 pm: Vehicle Stop – Marcola Rd. & Pico St.

4:45 pm: Criminal Trespass – 49000 block, McK. Hwy. Caller reports people are casing her home. She advised them they are trespassing. She was advised to call in when it is actively happening.

Sept. 24: 4:15 am: Incomplete 911 Call - 55000 block, McK. River Dr.

6:05 am: Found Property – 51000 block, Dexter St.

3:26 pm: Arson – 93000 block, Holland Ln. Unknown subject deliberately set fire to complainant’s 5th wheel. Caller caught it when it was just beginning – no damage. Complainant chased the male subject into the woods - 6’, medium build, wearing glasses & a Duck shirt – didn’t catch him.

8:01 pm: Welfare Check – 35000 block, Camp Creek Rd. Complainant’s Mom texted her about her car being robbed, said she was nose-to-nose with the guy. No more texts or calls. Complainant can’t get hold of her or her neighbors to check on her. 20:41: Mother is rattled but OK.

12:53 pm: Civil Service – 37000 block, MJ Chase Rd.

Sept. 25: 8:37 am: Arson – 39000 block, Hileman Rd. Caller is waiting for deputies regarding a trailer that caught fire.

12:51 am: Assist Outside Agency – 89000 block, Greenwood Dr.

4:38 pm: Assault – Vida area. Patient advising it happened so fast that she can’t explain it – has pain to her right hand & arm.

6:40 pm: Violation Of Restraining Order – Shotgun Creek Rd. & Marcola Rd.

6:48 pm: Restraining Order Service – 89000 block, Bridge St.

8:12 pm: Animal, Suspicious Conditions– 88000 block, Tiki Ln. Caller believes someone has poisoned her dog. He just started having seizures & wasn’t looking good.

12:00 pm: Location Wanted Subject – 51000 block, Blue River Dr.

Sept. 26: 8:13 am: Suspicious Conditions– 91000 block, Taylor Rd. Caller says subject robbed & threatened him – told him, “Give me your wallet.”

9:31 am: Accident – Lat. 44.21213. Lat. -122.25521. Car slid off roadway. 2 occupants, 1 barely moving. 09:42: Fire Dept. en route to MVA on Blue River Reservoir Rd. 09:52: Dispatch advises because occupants may be intoxicated they need law enforcement to go. OSP en route from Springfield.

11:17 am: Assist, Follow Up – 92000 block, Maple Ln.

12:07 am: Mental Subject – 39000 block, Deerhorn Rd.

3:40 pm: Hit & Run – 35000 block, McK. View Dr. Caller was in her car when hit by another vehicle. Both pulled over & found no damage. Subject took picture for her insurance & then left the scene without giving out her own info.

5:18 pm: Restraining Order Service – 89000 block, Bridge St.

6:11 pm: Assist, Information – Millican Rd. & McK. Hwy.

Sept. 27: 11:34 am: Welfare Check – 40000 block, Mohawk River Rd. Caller requests welfare check on a coworker. Involved was in an accident recently.

1:32 pm: Driving Under the Influence – 47000 block, McK. Hwy. Complainant had to “arm bar” subject to keep her from getting into his vehicle. Subject followed him, was driving recklessly. Involved is a white Chevy extended cab ½ ton truck. Caller heard their vehicle at the bottom of his driveway but he has an iron gate & they won’t be able to get up. 12:02: OSP out with units.

1:59 pm: Disturbance, Dispute– 54000 block, McK. Hwy. Involved is a female with an infant, westbound on foot. Family is following on foot.

6:34 pm: Vandalism, Illegal Dump – 36000 block, Camp Creek Rd.

7:55 pm: Animal At Large – Marcola Rd. & Spicer Ln.

9:05 pm: Suspicious Conditions– 42000 block, McK. Hwy.

9:07 pm: Restraining Order Service – 45000 block, N. Gate Creek Rd.

12:16 pm: Criminal Trespass – 54000 block, McK. Hwy. Complainant has 2 trespassers on her property – not camping, just trespassing.

Sept. 28: 5:37 pm: Hit & Run – 38000 block, McK. Hwy.

6:27 pm: Disturbance, Dispute– 54000 block, McK. Hwy.

3:47 pm: Suspicious Conditions– 35000 block, Camp Creek Rd.

5:18 pm: MVA – Marcola Rd. & Shadows Dr.

7:07 pm: Criminal Trespass – 92000 block, Marcola Rd.

10:15 pm: Person Stop – McGowan Creek overlook.


Comments as reported may not be complete or accurate. If further information is required contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office.


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