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Scott Rohter cites “hostile and defamatory” comments

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VIDA: Both candidates for Oregon’s District 4 Senate seat didn’t attend Sunday’s Candidates Forum at the Vida McKenzie Community Center. Incumbent Floyd Prozanski declined, reported he had previously committed to an event in Douglas County. Challenger Scott Rohter sent a note saying he had planned to be there until he came to doubt the meeting would be conducted in an “orderly and civil manner.”

Other candidates, including East Lane Commissioner rivals Heather Buch and Gary Williams, as well as House District 7 opponents Cedric Hayden and Christy Inskip, did attend the event, sponsored by the McKenzie Community Development Corporation (MCDC).

Rohter said his concerns developed when he became aware of Facebook comments, “On a thread posted on the Blue River Bulletin Board criticizing my efforts to make the McKenzie Highway safer, apparently upset about a sign posted by a memorial.”

He said he had “wholehearted permission” from both parents of a man killed in a crash across from EWEB’s Leaburg powerhouse to put his campaign sign next to spot where they’d placed flowers in memory.

“There’s no shortage of people who live along the highway who know the road is unsafe and want these signs on their property,” Rohter added. “Only the people on the Blue River Bulletin Board and the Community Development Corporation find my signs objectionable.”

Some people, he said, have broken or stolen his signs. Others complained to ODOT, which removed many of them. In addition, Rohter said one woman, “Gives me the middle finger every time she sees me,” and another takes pictures of him while he’s working outside. “All this because I’m running against Floyd Prozanski and trying to become your next senator.”

He suggested people wanting to know more about him go to info@lessgovisthebestgov.  “If improvements are ever made to this highway it’s not because of anything Floyd Prozanski has done but only because of what I am doing,” he concluded.

Marilynn Cross, secretary of the MCDC, responded to his charges by noting the organization had taken no position in regard to any of the candidates. “We only wanted to participate in providing a forum for people to hear you and understand the issues so they can make informed decisions.” Cross added that members of the MCDC, “Can take any position they want as individuals. It absolutely does not reflect any of the positions the CDC takes.”

Image: Campaign signs near fatal wreck sites along Hwy. 126, like this one that was at Leaburg Lake, have sparked controversy.

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