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Thanks for Buch

At midnight on Labor Day, I joined a caravan evacuating the Holiday Farm wildfire which destroyed more than 500 homes and devastated 174,000 acres. Our lives were forever changed that night, never to be the same. Yet, the incredible support from others has made a huge difference. We are on Recovery Road and wouldn’t be this far along without the help of too many to list here.

Nonetheless, one person stands out, Lane County Commissioner Heather Buch. As the ash smoldered, and the highway choked with fallen and falling trees, she has been with us. Comforting survivors, helping displaced families, and cajoling, convincing, and cooperating to find the resources to get us back on our feet. Focused like a laser, Heather is more about doing the work than talking about it. Advocating at every level of government, and with the non-profit and private sectors, Heather delivers in ways no other could.

This is the type of leader Heather is, prioritizing constituent needs and the public interest ahead of her own. Commissioner Buch is a strong, powerful, woman who serves instead of expecting to be served. She makes a big difference for the McKenzie, and for that, she has my sincerest thanks.

Tim Laue

Blue River


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