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Cougar slope still shedding boulders

Two-foot rock falls keeping Aufderheide closed

COUGAR RESERVOIR: Willamette National Forest officials report Drive (Forest Service Road 19) remains closed to through traffic near milepost 52 due to continued safety hazards. Inspections have shown the cliff face adjacent to the road is still unstable, with rocks and other debris continuing to break loose. Contractors are continuing work that includes rock bolting and installing a rockfall mesh screen before it is safe to reopen the roadway. Estimates are that work will be completed by the fall of this year. The Terwilliger Hot Springs site is not accessible on FS Road 19 from the north side (Hwy. 126). The springs are accessible from the Westfir side, involving a nearly 100-mile long round trip. Officials are advising people to ensure they have enough fuel to cover those miles, along with adequate provisions.


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