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Woman of the Year

Melanie Brite

For the second year in a row - Melanie Stanley Brite has received the most votes as the Woman of the Year for her continuing contributions.

"Mel has been there for us all in the troubling times of attempting to rebuild," was the way one nomination read. Another thanked her for, "Always being there."

Each year, The Lane Council of Governments celebrates regional accomplishments for the prior year and recognizes elected officials, public employees, citizens, intergovernmental teams, economic enhancement work, and those that have dedicated their lives to public service.

This year the Outstanding Citizen Award was presented to Melanie Stanley, for her work and contributions to the community as the "Unofficial Mayor" of Blue River.

Other community members said they were thankful for her service on local groups and boards, "as well a speaking up for us to government," another wrote.

"I'm so glad she's decided to rebuild her home and her business," commented a Blue River resident. "Hearing that helped me decide to stay here too."

Other nominees included Tia Cloke, Mary Ellen Wheeler and Gerry Aster.


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