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Russia Threatens World Peace

Alan Dowd chronicles the Russian threat to world peace in the February 2022 edition of The American Legion Magazine. I quote and paraphrase from the article.

From its beginning in 1918 the Russian Communists led by Lenin and then Stalin sought to achieve power and control populations by intimidation, brutality, and death. “Lenin murdered 6 million people and Stalin three times as many. During Stalin’s reign from 1925 to 1953 Communism spread to Eastern Europe, China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba. President Reagan referred to the USSR as the “evil empire” and President Eisenhower stated the Soviet government believed in the “force of huge armies, subversion, and rule of neighboring nations.”

Today, Putin is trying to bring back the USSR to its former size with confrontation in Ukraine. He annexed Ukrainian Crimea eight years ago and is now poised to take all of Ukraine. NATO, the United States, and other countries must stand up against Putin and deter him with economic sanctions and force if necessary. Otherwise, the free world could be faced with threats to other former Soviet bloc European countries as Putin tries to reestablish the Russian empire.

Putin only understands the use of force.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry, NH


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