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Irish team could train at McKenzie Track

If all goes as planned, the track in Blue River will be hosting the track team from Ireland this summer as they prepare for the World Track and Field Championships in Eugene this July. Conversations between Athletics Ireland and the McKenzie Community Track and Field have been ongoing and it is hoped an agreement will be forthcoming.

Track board vice-president Michael Bergmann has been leading the effort to attract a team to use the McKenzie River location as a Team Camp venue prior to the start of the games at Hayward Field on July 16th. The Irish team seems to be an ideal fit for our track says Bergmann and he feels the community will rally to support having the team at our track.

Bergmann recently became the track group’s Vice-president after serving as President of Portland Track.. Michael has committed himself to the development of track and field facilities in rural communities and thanks to his enormous number of contacts in the track and field world we are the beneficiaries, according to track board president, Pete Petty.

Ever since the announcement of the Oregon22 World Championships that will be held in Eugene some time ago, the track group has been laying the groundwork and reaching out to Federations from around the world.

The team from Ireland consists of 25 members and the ideal arrangement would be being able to house them in the area during the week long practice period. This will involve additional support from others in the area and the track board plans to reach out for the help needed.

Community activist and Vida-Community Center Officer, Gerry Aster was very excited when hearing the news that the Irish may be coming. She sees it as an opportunity for our community to welcome our friends across the pond with our hospitality. It’s hoped that her attitude will prevail among others and this will become an amazing opportunity for us to showcase our track and field facilities and the welcoming spirit of the McKenzie River folks.

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