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Letter to the Editor

Questions on funding

Thank you for the recent article, March 17th edition of the McKenzie River Reflections, regarding our local clinic and McKenzie Valley Wellness.

As a member, donator, and supporter of the clinic for a number of years I am very interested in and have a vested interest in the success of the clinic.

The recent article, though informative, left me with a number of questions regarding funds and funding.

With, as stated in the article, a triple net lease from Orchid and the insurance from MVW, why would fundraising be needed? If the MVW and Orchard “got a fair insurance settlement for the loss of our building” shouldn’t they have been able to get the clinic back to at least where they were? If they received a “fair settlement” what are the $1.8M dollars of taxpayer funds to be used for?

I also believe that $100,000 was used for remodels in the temporary clinic, where did those funds come from? And if they came from the $1.8 M will the funds be repaid to the taxpayers?

I want to be clear, I support the clinic and admire all the hard work that has been done over the years, but with almost $2M taxpayer dollars being used we need to make sure our taxpayer dollars are managed in a forthright, transparent and responsible manner.

As always, thank you for your good work.

Tony Casad

Blue River


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