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Flea market a success

More fundraising in the offing

Organizers of the Vida Mc-Kenzie Community Center's July 14th Flea Market wish to thank everyone who visited or participated as a vendor. "There was a steady stream of customers and lots of smiling faces.," says VMCC vice president Gerry Aster. "The snack bar was busy and did not disappoint. VMCC's goal of $1,500 was met and it is time to move on to the next fundraising event."

So what's next? Butter Braids!

What are Butter Braids? Aster describes them as, "A delicious, high quality, convenient product which is only sold through fundraisers. The items arrive to you frozen and are kept frozen until you bake them."

From now until late August, VMCC is selling pastries and puffins for $14, plus pizza and cookie dough for $16.

The pastries (original Butter Braid) serve 12. They must rise before baking and are available in apple, blueberry cream cheese, caramel rolls (Aster's personal favorite), cinnamon, cream cheese, raspberry, strawberry cream cheese, and four cheese and herb.

The puffins are individual pastries that are designed to go directly from a freezer to an oven. There are 12 Puffins in a package, which can be baked in various size batches, then returning the rest to the freezer for another day. Like the pastries, puffin flavors include apple, cherry, cinnamon, cream cheese, and strawberry cream cheese.

Both pizzas and cookie dough can also go from freezer-to-oven. A package holds two pizzas and choices of breakfast or pepperoni pizza.

Aster says the cookies are an excellent value since there are 40 in a pack. "Make just two for a quick snack or bake all 40 for a crowd," she suggests Flavors include classic chocolate chip, oatmeal cranberry, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, macadamia nut, and gluten-free chocolate chip.

Are you tempted? Call Gerry Aster at 541-896-3001. She will take your order and says to expect delivery by September 1st. "Profits from this fundraiser will go to a great cause: rebuilding Vida McKenzie Community Center!" she says.


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