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I live on Goodpasture Road, some of us on Greenwood Drive and along McKenzie Hwy, and would like to inform you of an ingenious opportunity to help the McKenzie River Valley community.

Since the Holiday Farm Fire, a small group of faithful volunteers has joined with “The Bottle Boys” to sort and redeem bottles and cans to help rebuild the Blue River Library, Blue River Medical Clinic, and the Vida McKenzie Community Center, all burned to the ground but valiantly attempting to rebuild. Contributions are made to other worthy local causes as appropriate.

Since this is an all-volunteer operation, 100% of the money earned goes to the designated projects - not a dime is wasted!

Here is how it works:

1. We collect plastic, glass and aluminum recyclable containers gathered throughout the community and store them at the Leaburg Store for sorting.

2. Our volunteers gather every Wednesday and Saturday morning at the Leaburg Store to sort the plastic, glass, and aluminum into separate containers for pick up and redemption.

3. Once the items are redeemed, “The Bottle Boys” receive funds (10 cents per container) and the designated projects are presented with checks directly.

How you can help:

1. Save your plastic, aluminum, and glass containers with the “Oregon Recycle” bar code and drop them off at the Leaburg Store, letting them know the donation is for “The Bottle Boys.” Please don’t crush the bottles and cans!

2. If you have a large number of containers, we will pick them up from you. Just contact us by texting Matt at 541-844-6924 or Walt at 541 521-5900 to arrange a time.

3. We also accept any donated items of value, such as vehicles, which will be sold to raise money for the cause.

4. If you prefer to contribute monetarily, go to mckenziecommunity.org/ and click the yellow Donate button to help general recovery projects in the Valley.

5. If you want to donate directly to Vida McKenzie Community Center rebuild, mail tax-deductible checks to VMCC, PO Box 163, Vida, Or 97488.

6. If you want to donate directly to Blue River Library rebuild, mail tax-deductible checks to: O’Brien Memorial Library, PO Box 291, Blue River, Or 97413

7. If you want to donate directly to Blue River Clinic, mail tax-deductible checks to McKenzie Wellness, PO Box 381, Blue River, Or 97413

8. Spread the word by sharing this information with your friends and neighbors and by posting this information on social media. We will continue this effort for at least a year, probably more.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Walter Wilson


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