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Letter to the Editor

Good news for the UMCC

We are delighted to announce that the IRS has approved our status as a Charitable Nonprofit, 501c3, retroactive to the time we applied, November 8, 2021. Our EIN number for tax deduction purposes remains the same: 93-6031677. Your donation could really help as we improve our building and grounds.

We are currently in the process of remodeling our entries and bathrooms to make them ADA accessible. We have obtained grants for this first phase of improvements to the bathrooms in our 60-year-old building.

Next on our list of improvements is to replace our leaking roof. This is where you come in. We could sure use your donations to help us get a new roof!

We are also exploring new community activities that we could have in the Center. Any ideas?

Thanks for caring and stay in touch,

Upper McKenzie

Community Center

P.O. Box 2073

Blue River, OR 97413


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