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Letter to the Editor

Time to separate

For McKenzie Valley Wellness Board, Members and Community,

First I would like to thank you for your support in the recent election. I have made the difficult decision to resign from my position as a board member. One reason being I believe my skill set as a therapist, may be of better use to MVW at a later time after the rebuild has been completed.

Secondly, and more challenging to articulate is my personal struggle with supporting Orchid Health. As a former Orchid Health employee, I both observed and experienced the effects of a hostile work environment due in part, to expressed concerns over several Orchid Health practices. While I care deeply for the community that has helped raise me and shape me, I can no longer expend energy compartmentalizing how I feel toward Orchid Health while serving on the MVW board. While these two entities are separate, the overlap and connection between the two continue to remain a challenge for me. I believe it is my ethical responsibility to resign until such a time conflict no longer exists.

Thank you for your understanding.


Kelly Shaw MS, LPC, NCC


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