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Man of the Year

Cliff Richardson

Unmatched dedication to the community, kids, and rebuilding were among the qualities cited by people who picked Cliff Richardson as the Man of the Year.

"Cliff has been a key player in the Locals Helping Locals group," was the way one voter explained his choice, adding that, "Cliff helped put together the plan for Sulutaaq to make the big donations to community organizations."

His involvement with the McKenzie Track's board was cited as being instrumental in helping create a very successful track season. "He puts an awful lot of time in giving our community updates on the sporting events in our McKenzie River Community School by writing his "Sports Report" in Reflections."

Another put it sinply - "Cliff's an all-around good guy!"

Darin Harbick placed a close second in the vote tabulations. Other men who were nominated: Pete Petty, Robert Marion Chase, Seth O'Hare, Rick Wilson. Lane Tompkins, Mattie Battershell, Corey Culp, Chuck Johnston, Anthony Abel, Mickey Sullivan, John Carlile, Matthewvan Dyke, Bart Thompson, Joel Zenni, and Nick Keeps.


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