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Summer work coming for Hwy. 126

$5 million project extends from Milepost 21 to 26

VIDA: The Oregon Dept. of Transportation's “Greenwood Dr - Vida” project is scheduled to go out to bidders on February 16th. Officials say the pavement resurfacing project is designed to replace deteriorating roadway surface that has come to the end of its useful life. Details will also include upgrades to the deck membranes on four bridges within the project limits.

“This is an important statewide route and the pavement in this section is quickly getting worse,” according to an ODOT press release. “The road surface is breaking apart and cracking. Our maintenance crews are having to do more frequent repairs and patching to keep the road usable.”

During the project, scheduled for the summer of 2023, work crews will be grinding and removing the top layer of the road surface and then replacing it with a brand-new layer of asphalt to restore the structural strength of the roadway. They will also make some bridge and guardrail repairs and will apply new striping.

“This will create a smoother ride for drivers and reduce the cost of maintenance,” officials say.

The Oregon Department of Transportation is responsible for the contract and delivery of the project, which to date has cost $403,100 for the design phase from Milepost 21.65 to 26.58. The construction costs are projected to be $5,226,000. ODOT advises that design projects that are funded through pre-construction may include buying land, moving utilities, or completing final plans.


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