Slithering sea creatures slimed section of highway


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DEERHORN: A truck full of eels overturned near Deerhorn Road last Thursday, dousing a sedan with slithering sea creatures in a scene straight out of nightmares. Shortly after, five other vehicles were doused with goo that sent creatures slithering across the road near the intersection with Hwy. 126..

According to Oregon State Police reports, the fish were technically not eels, but hagfish, which have a skull but no jaw or spine. When distressed, hagfish secrete slime, earning them the nickname “slime eels.”

The 7,500 pounds of fish were in the back of a truck and intended for transport to Korea, where they are a delicacy. Why the vehicle was trying to turn onto Deerhorn Road had not been determined at the time of the report, due to translation difficulties during the interview, an OSP Trooper reported. Still to be determined is the legal status of the load. Last month the Oregon Fish & Wildlife Commission voted unanimously to end the market hagfish fishery due to concerns about the sustainability of the resource.

The new rules also adopt restrictions on how long the non-commercial fishery will have to be restricted as part of an ongoing re-

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