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Solar for Leaburg?

Fire district could win grant competition

LEABURG: McKenzie Fire & Rescue is among the finalists in the running for the Eugene Water & Electric Board’s 2023 Greenpower Grant.

The fire district‘s proposal would include installing solar panels on their headquarter station in Leaburg. The panels, according to the grant proposal, “would contribute to the preservation of the area’s natural resources in an environmentally friendly way.” The panels are expected to help reduce the Leaburg building’s annual electricity $6,100 bill and could open up other parts of the district’s operating budget for critical equipment and supplies.

Grant funding comes from voluntary Greenpower customer subscriptions. EWEB developed the Greenpower Program in 2008 and since then thousands of EWEB customers have chosen to support clean, renewable energy by enrolling in EWEB Greenpower.

In addition to buying renewable energy and funding the Greenpower Grant, Greenpower subscriptions fund EWEB’s solar electric program and K-12 education and events relating to renewable energy and carbon emissions.

A total of six applicants have been selected as finalists for a grant that could total $50,000. Voting is open to all of the utility’s Greenpower subscribers. If someone isn’t a subscriber to the program, they can join by April 18th and be able to vote by April 20th, at 5 p.m. The winner will be announced on April 22nd.


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