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An Oregon volunteer will be an award winner

The nomination process is open for a prestigious award handed out to volunteers in Oregon each year. The Andrus Award for Community Service award is named after AARP founder, Doctor Ethel Percy Andrus. AARP Oregon will select a person or couple age 50 or older, who performs services without pay in their communities.

AARP State volunteer president for Oregon, Michael Schultz, said he has spent his whole career with nonprofit organizations and that these organizations rely on volunteers.

“Our communities, our state, our country just would not be as in good of shape without the service of volunteers doing what they do to help organizations carry out their mission and vision,” he said.

The deadline for nominations is July 15th. In 2021, more than 970,000 Oregonians volunteered and contributed $2.6-billion in economic value to the state, according to AmeriCorps.

Schultz said 2022 Oregon Andrus Award winner Kathy Goeddel was part of AARP’s program helping people do their taxes for nearly three decades.

“Kathy led the program as a volunteer for years, was involved with recruiting, training, onboarding and supporting tax aide volunteers throughout the state of Oregon.” Schultz said. “So we were most honored to be able to give Kathy that award.”

Schultz noted nominees do not have to be AARP members, and for the first time, the nominator and the recipient will each get $1,000 to donate to the nonprofit of their choice.


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