Sheriff's Report - June 22


June 11: 11:22 a.m: Fraud - 94400 block, Marcola Rd. A caller advised that an unknown person opened a fraudulent telephone account in the caller’s name.

08:36 p.m: Disturbance, Dispute - 40000 blk, Deerhorn Rd. Heated dispute between spouses. no injuries or crimes reported.

10:24 p.m: Vicious Dog - 92500 blk, Paschelke Rd. A caller advised that a neighbor’s dog was being aggressive and scratching to get into the caller’s house. The caller further advised that the neighbor’s dog was chasing the caller’s livestock.

11:17 p.m: dispute - 39900 blk, McK. Hwy. A caller advised that her ex threw a rock at the caller’s RV.

June 12: 9:42 p.m: Criminal Mischief - 89200 blk, Marcola Rd. An unknown suspect broke the lock off of the caller’s mailbox.

10:14 p.m: Disturbance, Dispute - 92200 blk, Carson St. Verbal dispute over property. Determined to be civil in nature.

June 13: 12:00 p.m: Speeding Vehicle - Marcola Rd.

1:42 p.m: Citizen Contact - 41900 blk, Deerhorn Rd.

4:20 p.m: Attempt To Locate Drunk Driver - Marcola Rd. & Old Marcola Rd.

4:44 p.m: Assist, Follow Up - Blue River Dam.

4:55 p.m: Assist, Follow Up - 51200 blk, McK. Hwy.

June 14: 12:45 a.m: Disturbance, Dispute - 45100 blk, McK. Hwy. A caller reported being in a dispute with a known male. Parties eventually separated and no crime was articulated.

9:40 a.m: Explosion - 36300 blk, Sherra Ln. An area resident reported that someone was believed to be using Tannerite during fire season.

June 15: 4:29: p.m: Vehicle Stop - Marcola Milepost 3.

17:48 p.m: Suspicious Conditions - 2200 blk, Carson St.

June 16: 1:29 p.m: repossessed Vehicle - 88100 blk, Chita Lp.

7:00 p.m: Unlawful Entry Motor Vehicle - Sunderman Rd. & Marcola Rd.

1:37 p.m: Suspicious Vehicle - Cascade View staging area.

June 17: 1:15 a.m: welfare check - 40000 blk, Deerhorn Rd.

1:37 a.m: Loud Noise - 37300 blk, Camp Creek Rd.

11:32 a.m: Disturbance, Dispute - 38100 blk, McK. Hwy. Verbal dispute between neighbors. Parties separated.

1:18 p.m: Speeding Vehicle – McK. River Dr. & McK. Hwy.

3:16 p.m: Civil Service - 49700 blk, McK. Hwy.

4:40 p.m: Suspicious Subject - 52000 blk, McK. Hwy. Caller believed they were hearing people playing guitar and laughing on the property. No evidence of trespassers.

5:35 p.m: Open Gate - McGowan Creek.

7:43 p.m: Civil Service - 88800 blk, Ross Ln.

June 18: 9:04: a.m: Disturbance, Dispute – Mona Campground. Physical dispute with minor injuries to one of the involved. Victim declined prosecution.

10:58 a.m: Vehicle Stop - Horse Creek Rd. & McK. Hwy.

1:16 p.m: Found Animal - Horse Creek Rd. & McK. Hwy.

4:43 p.m: Lost Property - 38400 blk, Shotgun Creek Rd.

5:40 p.m: Subpoena Service - Crooked Creek staging site.

8:18 p.m: Assist Oregon State Police - 44500 blk, McK. Hwy.

10:53 p.m: Assault - 89000 blk, Bridge St. Dispute between family members. not physical, no injuries reported.

June 19: 11:40 a.m: Civil Service - 88800 blk, Ross Ln..

2:03 a.m: Alarm - 90800 blk, La Lone Rd.

2:44 p.m: Burglary - 91500 blk, Donna Rd. A caller found their drawers were open and several small items were missing.

Comments as reported may not be complete or accurate. If further information is required contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office.


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