Make the McKenzie Connection!

Finn Rock connecting again

Floodplain recovery project is opening up

FINN ROCK: Work on Elk Creek in the Finn Rock Reach restoration area is showing results. Contractors working for the McKenzie River Trust have built log jams and transplanted willows as well as reintroduced spawning gravels to the area in anticipation of the creek being re-routed into its original channel.

Last Friday night, the restoration team removed the first of three sections of berm built to armor the area against the McKenzie River. As the water began to move across the floodplain for the first time in decades, Mother Nature joined in with an equally dramatic sky filled with thunder and lightning as excavators worked to restore connections between land and water.

This initial work may have looked really messy, but once complete, The Trust says it should have incredible benefits for fish, wildlife, and water quality on the McKenzie River.


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