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OSP Report - Sept. 28

Sept. 24: 08:47: Crash, Non-Injury – Hwy. 126E, Milepost 23. OSP received a call regarding a single-vehicle crash into the ditch. Upon arrival, the driver of Unit #1, a white Toyota 4Runner, was outside speaking with fire personnel. Trooper spoke with the driver who advised he was traveling eastbound and as he was rounding the corner, he observed a Jeep fully in his lane of travel. He said he veered into the oncoming lane to avoid a head-on collision. When he did this, the Jeep began correcting back into the westbound lane and caused the Driver of Unit #1 to drive into the ditch. The driver of Unit #1 was mostly uninjured but advised he was going to get checked out at the hospital as a precaution. He was unable to catch the license plate of the other vehicle but described it as a “boxier” Jeep Cherokee with a light bar on top. Unit #1 was drivable and not towed from the scene. Involved; 38-year-old male.


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