Sheriff's Report - October 19


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Oct. 1: 2:03 p.m: Unlawful Entry Motor Vehicle - Koosah Falls (Linn County). A caller reported that their Airpods and wallet were stolen from within their vehicle.

Oct. 2: 10:31 a.m: Criminal Mischief - 45200 blk, Goodpasture Rd. An area residence noticed graffiti on the stonework at the Goodpasture Bridge.

11:09 a.m: Burglary - 44800 blk, Leaburg Dam Rd. An area residence reported that their 5th wheel was broken into and several items were stolen from within.

10:07 p.m: Disturbance, Dispute - Fallin Ln. & McK. Hwy. Verbal dispute between caller and caller’s ex-girlfriend.

Oct, 3: 10:35 a.m: Suspicious Subject - 56900 blk, N. Bank Rd. A male was observed looking through windows in the area - described as a white male approximate 5’09” with a thin build, wearing a beanie hat, yellow top, blue hooded shirt and black pants.

8:44 a.m: Suspicious Conditions - 89200 blk, Marcola Rd. A caller found blood in their bathroom and believed an unknown person may have been inside the house. Determined to be blood from a cut on a dog’s ear.

Oct. 4: 2:00 p.m: Criminal Mischief - 45600 blk, McK. Hwy. A utility box belonging to CenturyLink was found to be damaged.

Oct. 6: 2:27 p.m: Fraud - 92500 blk, Pioch Ln. A caller reported that their bank accounts were compromised.

Oct. 7: 6:20 a.m: Disturbance, Dispute - La Lone Rd. & Tree Farm Rd. A caller advised that a hunter in the area brandished a gun after the caller told him he could not hunt in the area until 7:15 am.

5:51 p.m: Suspicious Conditions - 91900 blk, Marcola Rd. A caller advised that they could not get hold of their juvenile child who was en route to Salem. The child was located and determined to be okay.

Oct. 8: 11:58:01 p.m: Suspicious Conditions - 36900 blk, Boiler Creek Rd. An area resident reported hearing people walking in her house.

Oct. 9: 10:53 a.m: Theft - 39100 blk, Easton Ln. A caller reported that an undisclosed amount of money was electronically stolen from their bank account.

2:11 p.m: Civil, Lockout - 91300 blk, Marcola Rd.

9:13 p.m: Suspicious Vehicle - 91900 blk, Mill Creek Rd. A caller reported that a gray or white SUV pulled into the caller’s yard and flashed their lights. The vehicle then departed.

10:03 p.m: Disturbance, Dispute - Marcola Mp 5. A caller reported an active dispute between occupants of a moving vehicle. the vehicle was located in Springfield.

Oct. 10: 9:56 a.m: Welfare Check - 8900 blk, Thurston Rd.

4:36 p.m: Assault - 88900 blk, Bridge St.

7:26 p.m: Loud Noise - 39000 blk, Hendricks Park Rd.

Oct. 11: 10:03 a.m: Traffic Hazard - Deerhorn Rd. & little Deerhorn Ln.

12:16 p.m: Alarm - 44900 blk, Leaburg Dam Rd.

3:29 p.m: Assist, Follow Up - 45200 blk, Goodpasture Rd.

3:44 p.m: Recover Stolen Vehicle - 90200 blk, Hill Rd.

8:34 p.m: Disabled Vehicle - Marcola Rd. Milepost 3.

4:36 p.m: Reckless Driving - 39000 blk, Deerhorn Rd.

6:59 a.m: Alarm - 39200 blk, McK. Hwy.

7:11 p.m: Traffic Hazard - 92000 blk, Carson St.

8:29 p.m: Suspicious Vehicle - 89100 blk, Marcola Rd.

Oct. 12: 11:03 a.m: Suspicious Subject - 35400 blk, Camp Creek Rd. An area resident called to report that a male that appeared to be transient was seen wandering around the area.

12:39 p.m: Civil Standby - 36600 blk, Camp Creek Rd.

1:57 p.m: Incomplete 911 Call - Marcola Rd. & Wendling Rd.

2:05 p.m: Attempt To Locate Drunk Driver - Marcola Rd. & Mohawk River Rd.

3:23 p.m: ATL Drunk Driver - Camp Creek Rd. & upper Camp Creek Rd.

6:43 p.m: Disturbance, Dispute - 40100 blk, York Ln. Verbal dispute between family members.

8:40 p.m: Suspicious Vehicle - 35200 blk, Camp Creek Rd. A LCSO deputy checked on a vehicle parked at an area business.

9:45:p.m: Suspicious Conditions - 95200 blk, Marcola Rd.

10:27 p.m: ATL Drunk Driver - Marcola Rd. & Wendling Rd.

Oct. 13: 10:06 a.m: Restraining Order Service - 90800 block, Sunderman Rd.

10:41 a.m: Civil Service - 90000 blk, Marcola Rd.

12:17 p.m: Vehicle Stop - McK. Hwy. & Ross Ln.

12:49 p.m: Vehicle Stop - McK. Hwy. & Ross Ln.

1:54 p.m: Subpoena Service - 45600 blk, McK. Hwy.

2:37 p.m: Harassment - 39200 blk, Camp Creek Rd. A caller reported that a neighbor has been blasting music and harassing the caller.

5:31 p.m: Citizen Contact - 91800 blk, Mill Creek Rd.

5:39 p.m: Suspicious Conditions - 36600 blk, Pico St. A caller that has been granted temporary custody of grandchildren advised that the children’s biological parents threatened to take the children back by force.

6:17 p.m: Incomplete 911 Call - 37300 blk, Parsons Creek Rd.

6:55 p.m: Welfare Check - 87800 blk, Cedar Flat Rd.

9:38 p.m: Driving While Suspended - Marcola Rd. & Camp Creek Rd.

Oct. 14: 4:36 a.m: Suspicious Conditions - 44900 blk, Leaburg Dam Rd.

11:09 a.m: Harassment - 36600 blk, Pico St. Caller has temporary custody over grandchild.  Child’s biological parent has threatened to take the child. 

12:25 p.m: Civil Standby - 36600 blk, Camp Creek Rd.

12:37 p.m: Suspicious Conditions - 42800 blk, McK. Hwy. A female was seen messing with a white Mini Cooper.  Caller thought the female may have been trying to steal it.

1:37 p.m: Tree Down - McK. Hwy. Milepost 18.

1:49 p.m: Harassment - 55600 blk, McK. River Dr. Caller advised that his landlord has been digging through his shed and yelling at his property.  Civil dispute over eviction status.

3:27 p.m: Citizen Contact - 55600 blk, McK. River Dr.

4:26 p.m: Illegal Burn - 45500 blk, Goodpasture Rd.

7:07 p.m: Loud Noise - 39000 blk, Hendricks Park Rd.

9:36 p.m: ATL Drunk Driver - 91100 blk, Marcola Rd.

9:47 p.m: Driving Under Influence of Intoxicants - 35200 blk, McK. View Dr.

Oct. 15: 12:12 p.m: Recover Stolen Property - Lat: 44.13043. Long: -122.57446.

12:22 p.m: Recover Stolen Vehicle - McGowan Creek Rd. Mp. 7.5.

12:57 p.m: Unattended Boat - 56600 blk, McK. Hwy.

2:48 p.m: Alarm - 91800 blk, Mill Creek Rd.

6:51 p.m: Assist, Follow Up - 9000 blk, Thurston Rd.

Oct. 16: 6:48:19 a.m: Alarm - 91800 blk, Mill Creek Rd.

1:38:05 p.m: Assist, Follow Up - 9000 blk, Thurston Rd.

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