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I didn't get my quilting magazines. What can I do?

What happened to Vickie Taylor's subscription to Love of Quilting and Quick and Easy Quilts? She paid for a subscription but never received the magazines.

I subscribe to Love of Quilting and Quick and Easy Quilts. Golden Peak Media publishes both magazines. I have not received the latest issues, and I would like your help in getting them.

I tried emailing and calling Golden Peak Media, but I am still waiting for a response. My subscriptions are still active and I've checked with my postal carrier to make sure I was receiving all of my mail. I am.

I would like to receive the March/April issue of Love of Quilting and the April/May issue of Quick and Easy Quilts. Can you help me?

Vickie Taylor, Eminence, Ky.

Vickie, I'm happy to help you with this. If you have a subscription to Love of Quilting and Quick and Easy Quilts, you should have received the magazines. Quilting is a time-honored tradition in my family, and I can't imagine a home without a quilt on the wall.

Another tradition in my family is publishing. We've published books, newsletters and websites. I know how challenging it can be to get an issue out the door, and that is particularly true for a niche publisher like the one you were dealing with.

Here's what my advocacy team discovered when we tried to fix your problem: At the time you contacted Golden Peak Media, it was updating its processing system. The company warned that it would result in "delayed responses." Also, the publisher appears to have changed some of its email addresses, which may explain why you didn't hear back from it.

Although I don't post the executive contacts for Golden Peak on my consumer advocacy site, you can easily find the name of the right executive through my guide to contacting a company's CEO.

I reached out to Golden Peak on your behalf. A representative said it uses an outside company to handle its fulfillment. Your issue coincided with a move from one fulfillment partner to another. For some reason, someone marked your accounts as "delivery suspended" late last year. That's why you missed two issues of the magazine.

"We’ve since published the next issues of each magazine," the representative told me. "I’m going to mail all four that she missed via priority mail. I’ll also follow the accounts to make sure both are active and she gets the next issues."

Christopher Elliott is the founder of Elliott Advocacy (, a nonprofit organization that helps consumers solve their problems. Email him at [email protected] or get help by contacting him at

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