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Letter to the Editor

A Holiday Letter from Upper McKenzie Community Center

The Upper McKenzie Community Center again hosted the Annual Belknap Bridge Lighting Ceremony where friends and neighbors came together to enjoy the season. There was a short walk from the UMCC to the bridge where we celebrated the lighting of the bridge while some sang their favorite Christmas carols. One of our newest river traditions, a flotilla of river rafts decorated with a Christmas tree and sparkling with lights, floated by with Santa and his many helpers. A special thanks to Horse Creek Lodge for the “floats” in the river parade.

Back at the UMCC, we warmed back up with hot cocoa, cider, and coffee as well as potluck treats brought by all for sharing. Local historian Margaret Beilharz hosted the wonderfully informative history video and display. The Thankful Flag was displayed for all of the first responders and helpers who did so much during the fire. Santa showed up for fun pictures with the kids, and a few adults, too. All in all, it was another great time of gathering for our wonderful and diverse river community.

Over the past year, the first phase of our remodel project, which included new restrooms and a new kitchen, was completed. The next phases of upgrades will include a new roof and siding along with accessibility ramps to ease the entry for all. We received grants to help us make the needed phase one upgrades but we still need your help to pay the bills and “keep the lights on” while we gather funds to complete the project.

Some examples of ways your donation can help:

$5000 helps replace our siding

$1000 helps toward the roof

$500 helps with new windows and doors

$100 helps with a ramp at the entryway

$50 helps replace old kitchen cookware

$20 helps with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate

Our status as a 501(c)3 non-profit means that your donations are tax deductible. If you can help us with a donation to get us through the winter, we’d be most grateful. You can donate to the UMCC here or send a check if you prefer. MAIL: P.O. Box 2073, Blue River, OR 97413. EMAIL: [email protected]

I have attached a poem for you to enjoy with many blessings to you, your family, and our beloved community this holiday season!

John Carlile

Your UMCC Board President


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