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More than 120 candidates, but only a handful of races are competitive

More than 120 candidates are vying for 60 seats in the state House this year, including the most recent Republican nominee for governor and a handful of candidates trying to flip control of key swing seats.

Democrats now hold 35 seats in the House, with 25 districts represented by Republicans. The overall balance of power in the state House isn’t likely to shift following November’s elections, but Democratic wins could give the caucus the three-fifths majority needed to pass tax increases without Republican support.

Most incumbents are running again, and most races are in seats that are reliably Democratic or Republican. The two parties are targeting a handful of swing seats, four held by Republicans and five held by Democrats, while other competitive races could arise as the November election draws closer.

After Rep. Charlie Conrad, R-Dexter, broke with his party to vote for a bill that aimed to guarantee access to abortion and gender-affirming care, fellow Republicans vowed to take him out. Republican business owner Darin Harbick, who tried unsuccessfully to run first for governor and then the U.S. Senate in 2022, is challenging Conrad in the 12th District in rural Lane County. No Democrats are running.

Most Oregon House districts are dominated by Republicans or Democrats. Another 22 representatives have general election opponents but are likely to win reelection because of the makeup of their districts.

Rep. Nancy Nathanson, D-Eugene, has a challenge from Republican insurance company CEO Timothy Sunderland in the 13th House District in Lane County.

Rep. Shelly Boshart David, R-Albany, will face retired Democratic engineer Terrence Virnig in the 15th House District in rural Benton, Lane, and Marion counties.

Rep. John Lively, D-Springfield, has a primary with Ryan Rhoads, a laborer for Lane County’s Grassroots Garden. The winner will face Republican Cory Burket, a business development manager, in the 7th House District in Lane County.



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