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Free camping, day-use, and activities to celebrate State Parks Day June 1

Celebrate State Parks Day with free parking and free RV and tent site camping at all Oregon State Parks June 1 as well as special events at selected parks.

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) will waive day-use parking fees at the 25 locations that charge them and camping fees for all tent, RV, and horse campsites on June 1.

OPRD will also waive day-use parking fees on June 2, to support Free Fishing Days offered by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

State Parks Day has been a tradition since 1998 to thank Oregonians for their support of the state park system over many decades.

“Each Oregon state park is here today because of the support, investment, and care from Oregonians and all visitors,” said OPRD Director Lisa Sumption. “We host State Parks Day in June to show our appreciation for everyone’s commitment to preserving Oregon’s special places.”

Visit the event calendar for a list of additional events this summer.

Wanted Subject

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office reported on Monday that it is still attempting to locate William David McCormick, 52. He is a person of interest in an assault investigation. McCormick was seen in the Vida and McKenzie Bridge areas last week.

People who have any information regarding McCormick’s location can call the Lane County Sheriff’s Office at 541-682-4141 and reference case #24-2445.


‘Act Your Wage’ was Voted the Most Loathed Corporate Jargon by Oregon Employees. “Cloudstorming,” “Idea Harvesting,” “Strategy Quilting,” and “Hyper-Tasking” are just some of the managerial buzzwords that have gained traction in the corporate sphere in recent years. However, their effectiveness, particularly in motivating employees, is debatable.

A recent survey of 3,000 employees around the state was conducted by to uncover the most detested corporate jargon used by their managers. The findings? A decisive list of the top 10 business buzzwords that Oregon employees dislike their managers using. Here are the top three phrases that managers might be wise to retire, complete with all-too-common uses that grate on the nerves:

#1 ‘Act Your Wage’: At the top of the list is this cheeky nugget, which is supposed to remind you to stick to tasks that match your pay grade. It might sound cute at first, but it can also box you into your current role and dim your shine if you’re trying to climb that career ladder and add more value.

#2 ‘Balls in the Air’: This term paints multitasking as akin to a juggler keeping several balls in the air simultaneously. While it’s meant to sound manageable and even fun, it often underplays the real stress and complexity involved in keeping multiple projects moving smoothly.

#3 ‘Idea Harvesting’: The process of collecting ideas to solve problems or develop new offerings, idea harvesting can sometimes focus more on the volume of ideas rather than their quality. This emphasis can make employees feel that thoughtful, quality contributions are undervalued.


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