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  • Herbs are easy to grow and have many uses

    Nicole Sanchez|Apr 18, 2024

    Herbs include some of the easiest plants to grow. In addition to culinary uses, herbs offer fragrance, oils that deter pests and flowers that support pollinators. While a few herbs are hardy enough to be perennial in cooler climates such as in the Klamath Basin, others will be annuals in those areas, to be enjoyed primarily in the warm months. Some tender herbs can be overwintered indoors, but the results are often disappointing, especially when attempted without supplemental lighting. Most...

  • Containers and raised beds offer options for gardeners

    Nicole Sanchez|Apr 11, 2024

    Not every yard is suited for in-the-ground gardening. Sometimes containers or raised beds are better options. In rental situations or areas with poor or thin soil, garden space must sometimes be “created.” Internet articles often make both sound incredibly easy, possibly because the content creators were gardening in a different climate. Like many horticultural dilemmas, no one answer fits every situation. Considering the pros and cons from a variety of gardening perspectives may help the ind...

  • Difficult houseplants sometimes just need understanding

    Nicole Sanchez, OSU Extension|Feb 15, 2024

    Some houseplants seem unhappy no matter how much care and nurturing they get from their owners. Often, our homes do not provide the preferred environment — bright light and high humidity. Many plants have growth cycles attuned to day length and slow down during winter — even with artificial light. As with people, understanding the particular needs of some plants contributes to the difference between thriving and merely existing. Phalaenopsis orchid Beautiful, long-blooming and affordable in rec...

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