August 12, 2012

Flora in the McKenzie River area

A wide range of plant life exists throughout the McKenzie River area - from the lower elevations of the western regions to above the tree line in the Cascades to the east.

Some include:


Bear grass

(Xerophyllum tenax) is a fire-resistant species that is the first plant to grow after a fire.

Bear grass in the McKenzie River, Oregon area


Sword Fern

(Polystichum munitum) is a native evergreen known as the king of Northwest ferns.

Sword fern in the McKenzie River, Oregon area


Boadleaf Stonecrop

(Sedum spathulifolium) is found in gravels, ledges and cliffs up to 7,500 feet elevation.

Broadleaf stonecrop in the McKenzie River, Oregon area


Red Elderberry

(Sambucus racemosa) forms white, fist shape flower clusters followed by clusters of bright red berries.

Red elderberry Boadleaf in the McKenzie River, Oregon area


Suggested Plant Viewing Areas

Middle part of the forest, bordering the Deschutes National Forest. Accessible from the west via Highway 126 from Eugene, OR, or from the east on Highway 20 from Sisters.

·       Delta Campground

This campground is one of the largest and most scenic campgrounds on the District.  It is situated on the McKenzie River in a grove of old growth trees set aside for public enjoyment. Some of these ancient sentinels, predominantly Douglas fir and western red cedar, are centuries old and make for an enchanting setting. Visitors can enjoy a short botanical walk on Delta Old Growth Nature Trail. There is also an ampitheater in the campground.


·       Olallie Trail Area

·       Delta Nature Trail #3317

·       Quaking Aspen Swamp Trail #3332

·       Upper McKenzie Trail Area


McKenzie River Reflections


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