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Sheriff's Report - April 25

April 8: 11:56 a.m: Reckless Endangering - Marcola Rd. & Wendling Rd. A vehicle was observed driving erratically.   a deputy conducted a traffic stop and subsequent sobriety check. 

12:02 p.m: Suspicious Conditions - 90300 blk, Thomson Ln. Reopened from prior cads at this location. 

4:49 p.m: Suspicious Conditions - 50900 blk, McK. Hwy. Deputies conducted a welfare check on an individual who was in mental crisis.

April 12: 6:59 p.m: Suspicious Subject - 92000 blk, Marcola Rd. A male was seen sleeping on the side of the road.  Deputies conducted a welfare check.

April 13: 12:00 p.m: Fraud - 36200 blk, Camp Creek Rd. The victim paid $500 to a scammer claiming she needed to pay to release a large sum of money. 

12:00 p.m: Fraud - 88900 blk, Ross Ln. A tenant allegedly stole money and a vehicle from the caller. 

April 14: 6:41 p.m: Harassment - 38600 blk, E. Cedar Flat Rd.

April 15:  11:01 a.m: Fraud - 88900 blk, Ross Ln. Follow up attempt on a prior case.

11:01 a.m: Fraud - 36200 blk, Camp Creek Rd. Follow up on prior call.

12:42 p.m: assault - 8900 blk, Thurston Rd. Deputies responded to a physical dispute with injury in the 8900 block of Thurston Road.  Deputies responded and after investigating, arrested Shawna Marie Clarke, 23, on charges of Assault 4 APA and lodged her at the Lane County Jail. 

6:04 p.m: Suspicious Vehicle - Marcola Rd. Milepost 4. A Suspicious vehicle was parked at the scales with all doors, hood, and trunk open.  It was gone when deputies arrived.

April 16: 1:43 a.m: Shots Fired - 90700 blk, hill Rd.

12:01 p.m: Civil Standby - 8600 blk, Thurston Rd.

5:33 p.m: Restraining Order Service - 56300 blk, McK. Hwy.

April 17: 2:45 p.m: Harassment - 90600 blk, Sunderman Rd. Citizen self-report regarding ongoing harassment by a neighbor.

3:37 p.m: Civil Service - 91900 blk, Marcola Rd.

3:48 p.m: Restraining Order Service - 45600 blk, McK. Hwy.

4:56 p.m: Theft of Identity - 41900 blk, Deerhorn Rd.

6:10 p.m: Disorderly Subject - 45500 blk, Vida Park Ln. Deputies responded to a disorderly subject at McKenzie River School.  The incident was resolved without arrest.

6:39 p.m: Menacing - 91100 blk, Donna Rd. A resident noticed a suspicious vehicle parked in their driveway for an extended time in the area Marcola Road and Sunderman Road.  When contacted, the individuals were slumped over in the car.  The vehicle left before deputies arrived in the area, but was spotted in Springfield.  The occupants of the car then called in and reported they had been menaced with firearms, but investigation showed the menacing report by the vehicle’s occupants was unfounded and they had been trespassing. 

6:59 p.m: Suspicious Conditions - Marcola Rd. & Sunderman Rd.

9:07 p.m: Suspicious Vehicle - 39500 blk, McK. Hwy.

April 18: 12:17 a.m: Suspicious Subject – 49900 blk, McK. Hwy. A male was observed on the caller’s porch in the middle of the night.  He left when confronted by the homeowner. 

9:34 a.m: Suspicious Vehicle - 45200 blk, Goodpasture Rd.

3:23 p.m: Suspicious Vehicle - Sunderman Rd. & Keller Ln. Records check of a vehicle by a deputy.

3:56 p.m: Traffic Hazard - 39200 blk, McK. Hwy.

April 19: 8:33 a.m: Disorderly Subject - 44700 blk, Leaburg Dam Rd. A male was asked to move his motorhome as it was blocking the roadway.  He became belligerent, and deputies responded.  He left after law enforcement was called but before they arrived.

9:34 a.m: Suspicious Vehicle - 45200 blk, Goodpasture Rd. Occupant of a  suspicious vehicle was contacted by deputies.

2:26 p.m: Vehicle Stop - McK. Hwy. Mp. 53.

3:16 p.m: Vehicle Stop - McK. Hwy. Mp. 45.

3:28 p.m: Suspicious Conditions - 87000 blk, Cedar Flat Rd.

4:04 p.m: Welfare Check - Thurston Rd. & McK. Hwy.

5:05 p.m: Citizen Contact - 35200 blk, Camp Creek Rd.

6:05 p.m: Welfare Check - Marcola Rd. & Camp Creek Rd.

7:19 p.m: Attempt To Locate Drunk Driver - McK. Hwy. Mp.19.

8:26 p.m: Dog Barking - 92200 blk, Marcola Rd.

April 20: 9:26 a.m: Animal Complaint - 37900 blk, Maranatha Ln.

9:59 a.m: Animal Complaint - 88600 blk, Ermi Bee Rd.

10:25 a.m: Menacing - Terwilliger Hot springs.

assist, follow up - Blue River area.

2:28 p.m: Information - 88900 blk, Easy Ln.

6:04 p.m: Vehicle Stop - McK. Hwy. Mp. 45.

9:05 p.m: Vehicle Stop - McK. Hwy. Mp. 15.

April 21: 1:16 a.m: Welfare Check - 55100 blk, McK. River Dr.

12:54 p.m: Unlawful Use of Vehicle - 92700 blk, Regal Ln.

1:09 p.m: Alarm - 92100 blk, Marcola Rd.

2:32 p.m: Assault - 37800 blk, Shenandoah Lp. Deputies responded to a physical dispute.  The involved did not want to press charges.

5:44 p.m: Unlawful Use of Vehicle - Marcola Rd. & Sunderman Rd.

7:22 p.m: Theft - Terwilliger Hot Springs.

10:12 p.m: Location of Wanted Subject - Terwilliger Hot Springs.

April 22: 2:03 p.m: Civil Service - 39000 blk, Hendricks Park Rd.

2:21 p.m: Fraud - 88900 blk, Ross Ln.

3:44 p.m: Criminal Mischief - 94300 blk, Johnson Rd.

3:48 p.m: Fraud - 51600 blk, Blue River Dr.

4:45 p.m: Assist, Follow Up - Terwilliger Hot Springs.

7:03 p.m: Assist, Follow Up - Terwilliger Hot Springs.

9:02 p.m: Civil Service - 40000 blk, McK. Hwy.

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