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Thank You

Thank You


I want to thank several members that helps keep our Center running on a monthly basis:

VERN BLUMHAGEN: Vern as Treasurer of the Center provides an excellent accounting of our funds.

A lot of projects have been accomplished around the Center because Vern has had his hand on them.

LINDA SCHAEFERS: Linda is the Center interface with the general public. She receives most all the telephone calls regarding the Center.

MICHAEL SCHAEFERS: Michael has take on the responsibility of setting up the Center for Bingo.

SUE ALA & SANDY WRIGHT: They have taken on the task of running the snack bar operations for the Christmas Bazaar.

PAT SHERFIELD: Pat coordinates the members who operate the bingo snack bar and the making of the monthly raffle baskets. If you would like to assist with this function, please call Pat at 541 988-9735.

ANDREA CUNNINGHAM: Andrea has taken on the handling of welcoming the bingo players and money taking each month.

ALL CENTER MEMBERSHIP: Thank you for your continued support and to the McKenzie Valley residents, thanks for your support.

Walter Wilson


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