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Burn season delayed

Tinder Dry Conditions and High Fire Danger

Delay Outdoor Burning Season

September 28

LRAPA logoAt the request of the Lane County Fire Defense Board, the outdoor burning season in Lane County has been postponed until mid-October or later. A prolonged period of warm weather and lack of rain have caused tinder dry conditions, increasing fire danger throughout the county and making it unsafe to burn. According to Chief Chad Minter, president of the Lane County Fire Defense Board, conditions are right for small fires to spread quickly creating a major wildfire. A burn ban is also in effect for Linn, Marion, and Benton counties.“LRAPA works cooperatively with local fire departments and will prohibit outdoor burning until further notification from the fire defense board that conditions have changed,” said Sally Markos, LRAPA spokesperson.

Two storms needed

Fire danger is still quite high and there is no significant rain forecast over the next week. It takes at least two good storm systems with wetting rain and cooler temperatures to reduce hazardous fire conditions.LRAPA rules state the official start date of the outdoor burning season as October 1st. However, the rules allow outdoor burning to be delayed by extended fire season conditions. Residents are cautioned to check with their fire districts and LRAPA for updates.

Burn Hotline

Once outdoor burning season begins, Willamette Valley residents should always call LRAPA’s outdoor burning line, 541-726-3976, before burning to verify that burning is allowed on any given day. Coastal Lane County residents can call 541-997-1757 for daily outdoor burning advisories. LRAPA also recommends residents call their local fire departments for information regarding restrictions in their areas before they burn. Detailed information about outdoor burning can be found at

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