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From the Jan. 17, 2013, Sheriff's Report

Jan. 3: 3:33 AM: Suspicious Conditions – 44000 block, McK. Hwy. Female was pounding on complainant’s door – moaning & crying. She was gone when caller went to the door – checked the area & couldn’t see or hear anything else. Info taken.

Jan. 4: 11:19 AM: Suspicious Subject – 35000 block, Camp Creek Rd. Caller advises 2 new transients have started camping on EWEB’s land. Involved are 2 large males in their 40s. Packaging for a machete was left in the area. Involved were seen pushing a shopping cart yesterday. Info taken.

Jan. 4: 3:08 PM: Theft – Marcola Rd. & Camp Creek Rd. Unknown subject stole the wire that runs power to the street lights. Unknown value at this time – electricians are checking it out & will call back when they know the extent of the theft & the $ value. Info taken.

Jan. 4: 6:25 PM: Injured Animal – Mp. 19, McK. Hwy. Caller advises a deer that has been hit is still alive in the roadway. 16:28: Caller made a U-turn & advises the animal may have left. Info taken.

Jan. 5: 1:08 PM: Animal Abuse – 38000 block, Camp Creek Rd. Unknown subject came into caller’s driveway, sprayed boxer & Lab with pepper spray. The can is still at location. Info taken.

Jan. 6: 4:28 PM: Found Contraband – 35000 block, Camp Creek Rd. Complainant reports finding needles, seeing “new faces” at transient camp – more loitering/littering. Info relayed.

Jan. 7: 1:36 PM: ID Theft – 88000 block, Chita Loop. Report of fraudulent use of a debit card. Dollar Loss: $829.20. Info taken.

Jan. 7: 6:04 PM: Suspicious Conditions – Mp. 36, McK. Hwy. Involved is an eastbound beige mini van that has been following complainant for several miles – driving with bright lights & tailgating her. Caller is very scared & doesn’t recognize the van. OSP advised.

Jan. 9: 2:20 AM: Theft – 51000 block, Dexter St. Complainant got upset because he thinks subject is stealing his methadone. Citizen self report.

Jan. 9: 5:34 PM: Reckless Driving – Mp. 4, Marcola Rd. Involved is a southbound silver PT Cruiser that is unable to maintain lane & is swerving into oncoming lane. Complainant has been following involved for 6 miles. Info relayed.

Capacity Based Releases for Week Ending 1/13/13

For the week of 1/7/13 through 1/13/13, 127 inmates were released from the Lane County Adult Correctional Facility due to lack of funded jail beds.  18 of those that were released had not completed their full sentences.  The remaining 109 releases were pre-trial defendants. Total CBRs for week ending 1/13/13: 127. Sentenced: 18. Pre-Trial: 109.

Comments as reported may not be complete or accurate. If further information is required contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office.


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