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From the May 16, 2013 Sheriff’s Report

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May 3: 1:26 PM: Offensive Littering – Mp. 2, Deerhorn Rd. Subject was seen throwing trash out the window – was asked to pick it up but refused. 13:51: Now have involved on land line who advises her husband was wiping off the dashboard & the napkin accidentally blew out the window. She is concerned about the original complainant’s behavior/road rage. Male yelled at caller 2 separate times. She has a concealed handgun license & showed him the gun after she felt extremely threatened. Info taken.

May 3: 4:39 PM: Traffic Hazard – Mp. 24, McK. Hwy. Report of a male subject shadow boxing in the roadway. Caller advises he is hard to see, wearing dark clothing & a backpack – might get hit. OSP advised.

May 4: 1:41 PM: Assist Fire Dept. 89000 block, Bridge St. Report of a very large tree down & 1 pole with 4-5 lines plus a small brush fire. The lines may be touching the bridge guardrail – use caution making contact. 14:45: EWEB on scene – may be several hours. 17:05: Scene left with EWEB.

May 4: 6:16 PM: Dispute – 92000 block, Whitmore St. Report of a dispute between female & male. Female is making threats that someone will get hurt. Caller also states she has a weapon. When asked where the weapon is she replied, “It’s for her to know.” Involved also advises she is the sheriff for Marcola. Civil.

May 5: 6:04 PM: Vicious Dog – 36000 block, Oak Point Rd. Complainant reports a pit bull attacked caller’s golden retriever. One person threw a drink on caller & caller scratched the other half. Info taken.

May 6: 3:14 AM: Suspicious Conditions – McK. View Dr. & Coburg Rd. Caller believes he saw bits & pieces of animal flesh/bodies strung along the pavement. He did not stop or get out & look closely. He found animal “parts” in the tires of his vehicle. Info taken.

May 6: 12:03 PM: Dispute – Alder Branch Rd. & Marcola Rd. Caller drove by & observed the driver hitting a passenger ,. Caller drove by again – males were out of the vehicle in a verbal dispute & 1 male was falling to the ground. The driver is older & bigger. Patrol check.

May 8: 4:05 PM: Livestock At Large – 39000 block, Walterville Lane. Report of several cows in caller’s yard (near 20) including a bull. 16:30: Caller is back on the line advising someone just shot a gun near the cows. None of the cows seem spooked, unknown if any were shot. A neighbor may have shot to scare cows. 17:40: Resolved - owner is now leaving – has herded all the cattle away.


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