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May 23, 2013

McKenzie River: All hatchery rainbow trout released into the McKenzie River are marked with an adipose fin clip and anglers must release all non fin-clipped (wild) trout in the mainstem river. The lower 11 miles of the McKenzie River below the Hayden Bridge - and the McKenzie River upstream from Forest Glen Boat Ramp at Blue River - are restricted to angling with lures and flies only, and all trout must be released

Trout Stocking Schedule: Trout stocking is well underway on many lakes and reservoirs throughout the state. Last week’s releases of 8" to 10" hatchery fish were: Blue River above the reservoir – 1,000 (plus 250 larger fish), Blue River Reservoir – 3,000, Carmen Reservoir – 2,5000 (plus 500 larger fish), Clear Lake – 2,500 (plus 1,250 larger fish), Leaburg Lake – 1,600 (plus 250 larger fish), McKenzie River above Leaburg Dam – 6,950 (plus 2,250 larger fish), and Smith Reservoir – 5,000.

Fish Counts

May 18, Willamette Falls

Spring Chinook Adults – 15,534

Spring Chinook Jacks – 630

Summer Steelhead – 4,382


McKenzie River Reflections


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