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From the September 5, 2013 Sheriff’s Report

Excerpts  From the September 5, 2013 Sheriff’s Reports


Aug. 20: 4:40 PM: Attempt To Locate Drunk Driver – Mp. 7, Marcola Rd. Involved is a northbound small red compact that swerved 10 – 12 times, continues to cross the center line. An “old man” is the driver. Info relayed.

Aug. 21: 10:10 AM: Suspicious Conditions – 56000 block, McK. Hwy. Subject was evicted, has used complainant’s credit cards to make several purchases. Info taken.

Aug. 21: 5:52 PM: Dispute – 52000 block, McK. Hwy. Caller was throwing a can of peaches in the sink. Boyfriend thought she was throwing it at him, punched her in the arm. He also broke her cordless phone. Citizen self report, caller advised of restraining order process.

Aug. 22: 3:40 PM: Water Rescue –McK. River, ¼ mile downstream from Bellinger Landing. Caller observed a male who appeared to be unconscious inside a 6 ft. yellow & blue rubber raft. The raft is caught in ripples in the rocks. Involved is in his 40’s, brown & gray hair, wearing blue shirt & shorts. Caller was unable to get his attention. 16:09: Unfounded – subject appears lucid & responsive – advised he was napping.

Aug. 23: 9:29 PM: Shots Fired – 7500 block, Thurston Rd. Caller reports 2 shots fired tonight, 4 fired last night, coming from across the creek. Complainant has requested they stop before but they continue – thinks they are shooting at nutria. Info taken.

Aug. 23: 10:00 PM: Criminal Trespass – 90000 block, Sunderman Rd. Caller report niece & nephew ransacked his house – everything is torn apart. He gave them an eviction notice for another house a couple weeks ago. He thinks they may have access to weapons because some of his guns were missing prior to tonight. Info taken.

Aug. 24: 1:25 AM: Suspicious Conditions – Paradise Campground. Caller heard moaning, noises & broken glass.  Caller saw a male dragging a male on the ground who appeared dead. There is blood, alcohol or some type of liquid on the ground. Caller is too afraid to remain in the campground. Caller was unable to wake up the camp host. She is too afraid to wait at location or nearby. Patrol check.

Aug. 24: 7:19 AM: Assist Fire Dept. – 33000 block, McK. View Dr. Caller in  RiverBend Hospital is seeing large amount of smoke over the crest of a hill. 07:19: Copper wire is burning.  Subject with bolt cutters was trespassing – is now walking westbound on McK. View. Info taken.

Aug. 24: 2:42 PM: Dispute – Mp. 51, McK. Hwy. Complainant is being followed by a subject in an eastbound green Subaru who threatened to kill caller. OSP advised.

Aug. 25: 8:56 PM: Dispute – 54000 block, McK. River Dr. Caller said female was breaking his items, choking & hitting him. Subject is 35 to 45 years old, wearing a dark colored tank top, jeans. 21:08: Female is breaking out windows of trailer. 21:21: Subject has a glass now & is trying to cut others. 21:37: Assist – 2 troopers are on the scene.

Comments as reported may not be complete or accurate. If further information is required contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office.

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