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'05 Echoes Sheriff's Reports

Excerpts  from 2005 Sheriff’s Reports


Sept 11: 2620: Suspicious Subject - 89000 block, Old Mohawk Rd., Marcola Rd. 2 male subjects came to residence and asked 18 year old female if they could live with her. One subject had long black hair the other had long blonde hair They later returned and refused to leave.

Sept 13: 1153: Menacing - Camp Creek & Marcola Rds. Caller advises a male subject at location just pointed a gun at complainant & followed him for 5 minutes. Suspect is on a tractor, caller is in a Bronco.

July 3: 1853: Location Wanted Subject - McK. Hwy. & Cascade St., Blue River Caller was with subject during a traffic stop in Dexter. Subject gave officer a false name, told caller he was wanted for escape out of Colorado. Caller has found a bounty hunter is after the subject. Caller hopes to get a fee. Caller advises this is like looking for needle in a haystack due to the Mountain Man festival.

July 3: 2123: Welfare Check - 8500 block, Thurston Rd. Complainant advises the subjects have 2 children at location - 5 yrs. & 2 yrs. old. There was a party involving drugs at the location at which the adults got so high they broke out windows then vomited out of them, ran down the street bloody - all while children were at location playing.

March 27: 2124: Suspicious Conditions - 94000 block, Johnson Rd., Marcola. Caller advises a male subject came to the door and knocked. When the complainant answered the door, the male stated “We are having a party at Shotgun Creek Rd. Do you have any beer?” Caller lives in a secluded area. Very weird for anyone to come to the door. Suspect is male, 20’s, long curly hair, unknown clothing.

March 27: 2130: Burglary - 91000 block, Johnson Rd Suspects: 1 male, 1 female knocked on door asking for beer. Caller said no. He thought they left but when he checked the fridge in the carport all his beer was gone. Male wore a dark T-shirt, Levis, Navy BB cap. Female: Levis, buffalo plaid blue shirt. Subjects were seen walking toward Marcola thumbing a ride.

Feb. 21:1938: Suspicious Conditions - 42000 block, Leaburg Drive. A neighbor advises a person who rents property is watching another person take mag wheels off a pickup, which belongs to neither.

Feb. 22: 1554: Missing Person - 93000 block, Holland Lane, Marcola. Subject is a 29-year-old female who left with a 50-year-old male in their vehicle to pick up pizza last night ... she never came home. Complainant went to the pizza parlor found their pickup next door with check made out for pizza. His wife was nowhere around. 1604: A friend who lives across street saw the female get into another vehicle, with male friend of the family. Caller advises he received information the friend withdrew $8,000 yesterday - he has tried to contact the friend without success. 1945: Complainant has contacted other family members; they advised she has run off.

Feb. 24: 20:37: Traffic Hazard - McK. Hwy. & Latta Lane. Passer-by advises a large plastic covered load is blocking the eastbound lane; load is as big as a couch.

Jan. 19: 1423: Safety Hazard - Milepost 0.5, Gate Creek Rd. Caller is reporting what appears to be tire rippers on the roadway in front of a driveway on Gate Creek Rd. Caller says it is not in the traffic lane but makes it very difficult to make the curve because it is so close. 1841: Deputy advises nothing was there when he went through. Deputy was also contacted by a delivery driver who advised an older man on Gate Creek ran out and yelled at him to slow down too.

Jan. 19: 1935: Dispute -51000 block, Cascade St., Blue River. Caller advises 3 unknown subjects came to caller’s residence looking for another person --- there sounds to be guns involved, possibly 1 shot fired. 1934: One subject just busted a window with a bat, there is a fistfight outside the residence. Second subject now on phone says it has been “handled” and said they would take care of it themselves. 2026: Per deputy complainant is uncooperative, subjects are physically OK.

Jan. 3: 1009: 37000 block, Parsons Creek Rd. Caller went to location to fix a septic system and the suspect threw a shovel at him, striking him.

Jan. 3: 2214: Suspicious Conditions - 90000 block, Marcola Rd. Resident advises male was screaming to call 911. Subject said he was on the bank of the river, almost in the water. 2249: Deputy advises subject has fallen down a 10-foot hole but is back under a bank .... therefore will need a 24 ft. ladder, he thinks. Subject is down in this hole with 2 dogs, he is not injured. Subject has on a heavy jacket and is armed with a flashlight and whistle. 2258: Fire Dept. is on the scene, advised subject was de-holed.


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