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Sample police reports

5:28: At about 11:30 p.m. Trooper Boyd, with Deputy Combs (LCSO) riding, contacted a camp in the USFS Saddle Dam Campground on Blue River Reservoir after hearing a verbal dispute. Deputy Combs received consent to search the female who showed signs of meth use and seized two baggies of methamphetamine from her. Boyd contacted the male and noticed a 12 – 14”+ Douglas fir tree nearby that had been cut down recently. The male suspect indicated tat the tree was in his way when he attempted to park his vehicle. The investigation revealed two arrest warrants for the male – Unlawful Cut of Special Forest Products, Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm for both suspects, Switched Plates on the vehicle, and DWS misdemeanor.

One suspects was cited and released for the crimes. The male was lodged in LCJ for the warrants and the gun was seized.

May 6: 3:14 AM: Suspicious Conditions – McK. View Dr. & Coburg Rd. Caller believes he saw bits & pieces of animal flesh/bodies strung along the pavement. He did not stop or get out & look closely. He found animal “parts” in the tires of his vehicle. Info taken.

Oct. 27: 9:03 AM: Injury Accident – Aufderheide Dr. & USFS Rd. #1985. Caller’s vehicle went off the road. Caller & 3 year old & 18 month old are exposed to the weather – approx. 2 inches of snow. 09:32: They have taken cover under some trees, providing some coverage from light to moderate rain. 09:45: Tow en route. 10:02: Taking all occupants to Rd. 19 for possible transport. Disregard.

Aug. 31: 4:45 PM: Reckless Endangering – Mp. 34, McK. Hwy. A group of folks was floating down the river. Another group at a house was shooting water balloons across the river from a launcher. One of the water balloons hit complainant’s 9-year-old son in the face. He fell into the water. They immediately took out of the water. The child is now throwing up & may have a concussion. Caller reports the group was high fiving & celebrating as they were pulling the child from the water. Info taken.


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