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Man of the Year, Terry Baker

He may have had a bumpy start when he took over as the McKenzie District Ranger in 2011, but since then Terry Baker has won over a number of local supporters. Some of those who nominated him as Man of the Year had initially opposed him during a controversy that grew around a thinning project that received comments from around the world. “I’m impressed with his openness to talk and listen,” said one. Another said, “Terry is unique – he values people with words and actions.”

Praise too, came for his meetings with civil groups, working with the Chamber of Commerce and with different local and nonprofit interests like the Ford Family Foundation, “as well as being a face at events.”

The next highest vote getter was Jeff Dehne of Walterville for his continued leadrship of the annual Walterville Community Fair and for volunteering at events throughout the McKenzie Valley area.


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