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Subdivision could replace golf course

Subdivision mapDEERHORN: The end of a fifty-year tradition of teeing off within sight of their residences might be in play for homeowners along Madrone Street. When brothers Kenneth, Lloyd and Earl Omlid developed the McKenzie River Golf Course in 1961, they also created a number of 1/3 to 3/4 acre home lots that sold well.




A changing demographic is changing the business model for recreation in the 21st Century. In their land use application to the Lane County Land Management Division, Rod and Sara Omlid noted that the number of new beginning golfers is declining as a percentage of the general population. In addition, the pool of older participants is shrinking due to impacts on physical abilities and medical issues. Besides the McKenzie River Golf Course, others club owners in the Eugene/Springfield metro area have reported similar trends.

In a December 19 application for preliminary approval, the Omlids asked for permission to convert the 58 acre plus golf course parcel into housing units. Under current zoning, that could result in the construction of 27 new homes on plots averaging about 2 acres. About half of those homes would have McKenzie River frontage.

Other details of the proposal include the use of individual wells and septic systems for each lot, along with the possibility of joining the Deerhorn Water District in the future.

Estimates are the subdivision would raise the weekly daily traffic counts from 170 to 243.

Comments on the proposal must be submitted by 4 p.m. on February 24th. They can be mailed to Jerry Kendall, Lane County Management Division, 3050 N. Delta Hwy., Eugene, OR 97408 or Faxed to (541) 682-3947.


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