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Camp Creek shooter sought

VehicleCAMP CREEK: On Monday night at 3:38 am, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a gunshot wound at the Riverview Market on Camp Creek Road in Springfield. Police said the victim was asleep in his vehicle outside the market when an unknown person reached through the open window of his car and discharged a firearm, that struck the victim. The man, unidentified by police at this time, was treated at the hospital and released.




Video surveillance cameras show the involved truck at the market just prior to when police believe the shooting took place (time stamp on photos is not accurate). The truck may be a 2001 or 2002 Dodge Dakota ¾ cab that is missing its tailgate. The Sheriff’s Office is interested in contacting the driver of the vehicle as they may be a witness in the shooting. According to Sergeant Carrie Carver, “We are asking anyone with information regarding this case, or the pictured truck, to contact the Lane County Sheriff’s Office at 541-682-4141.”

Photo Courtesy LCSO. A security camera captured images of a pickup that was on the scene of an incident that sent a wounded man to the hospital.


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