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July 13, 2017 Sheriff's Reports

June 29: 3:40 am: Alarm – 40000 Booth Kelly Rd.

4:30 pm: Traffic Hazard – Milepost 4, Marcola Rd. Involved is a maroon SUV pulled off the east side of the road causing a traffic hazard because it’s partly in the road. Caller drove by & saw a hand out the window with a white piece of paper, looked like an elderly female’s hand, believes need help. Caller couldn’t stop. 18:41: Springfield PD patrolled area, unable to locate.

6:14 pm: Lost Subject – 56000 block, McK. Hwy. Complainant’s boyfriend is lost in the woods, was supposed to meet at a rendezvous point at lava field of Obsidian Trail but he never showed up. Involved is an avid hiker, had equipment with him – hammock, sleeping bag, food, & water - no tent. 19:04: Activating Search & Rescue. 04:12: Found tracks, returning to shops to regroup for S&R tomorrow. 12:55: S&R made contact. Involved is in fairly good condition, hydrated, will be walking out. He was with another group of campers. Subject cleared as a missing person.

7:09 pm: Disturbance, Dispute – 92000 block, Savage St. Lots of arguing between various family members. Female showed up on property unannounced, never lived there. Male subject punched complainant’s husband’s truck.

8:27 pm: Reckless Endangering – MJ Chase Rd. & Charley Lane. Complainant is on the river & can hear someone firing gunshots over the river. Complainant could hear the bullets. Complainant yelled out loud 5 – 6 times & the bullets still came. 22:13: Spoke with involved shooter who advised he sometimes shoots toward the back of his property at targets placed in a heavily treed area. He advised his back stop is the ground. He also advised there are other residents on MJ Chase & Charley Rd. who shoot regularly.

8:27 pm: Illegal Dirt Bikes – Blue River Dr. & McK. Hwy. Report of 6 people on ATV’s tearing up property, driving on roads & hwy. Associated vehicle is a silver Hyundai.

11:14 pm: Alarm – 95000 block, Marcola Rd.

June 30: 9:12 am: Civil Enforcement – 91000 block, Mill Creek Rd.

9:25 am: Civil Service – 55000 block, McK. River Dr.

10:29 am: Criminal Trespass – 50000 block, McK. Hwy. Unknown subjects have taken down No Trespassing signs & broken into locked cabins several times. Subjects have previously been run off but have returned. Complainant is requesting assistance removing squatters.

10:40 am: Subpoena Service – 49000 block, McK. Hwy.

10:53 am: Civil Service – 45000 block, McK. Hwy.

2:05 pm: Theft – 45000 block, S. Gate Creek Rd.

4:16 pm: Threat, Harassment – 91000 block, Marbrook Ln. Subject continues to call & make threatening comments.

4:39 pm: Disturbance, Disorderly Juvenile – 81000 block, Millican Rd.

7:44 pm: Vandalism, Criminal Mischief – 92000 block, Marcola Rd. Issue involves a neighbor.

July 1: 9:00 am: Missing Person – 52000 block, McK. Hwy. Dad’s girlfriend advised caller they got in an argument – Dad left in his truck & hasn’t been back. She has been out looking for him. 13:11: Missing person has been found & returned home.

1:54 pm: Vehicle Stop – 38000 block, Shotgun Creek Rd.

10:02 pm: Weapon, Shots Fired – 40000 block, Mohawk River Rd. Report of shots being fired in the area. Caller advises there are many houses – last month shots were hitting houses in the area.

11:39 pm: Incomplete 911 Call – 48000 block, McK. Hwy. Male on line trying to explain what he said was an emergency but not speaking coherently.

July 2: 1:30 am: Suspicious Conditions – Marcola Rd. & Donna Rd. Report of a reckless driver. Caller pulled over to let it pass. When the caller returned home, received texts, “Just because you passed your driveway doesn’t mean I don’t know where you live.” “Do you think Dad is going to come to your rescue?” Involved vehicle is possibly a Ford pickup. Caller has no idea who suspect might be. 02:03: Practical joke,

3:33 am: Unknown Problem – 52000 block, McK. Hwy.

11:17 am: Suspicious Conditions – Blue River Rd. & Blue River Dr. Involved is a homeless camp near the dam. Male & female are yelling – appear they are very high. Male was running around. Complainant noticed the man had a very large handgun. He was not pointing it at anyone but when the caller & his family were walking away they heard a gun shot. Caller did not go back to see if everything was OK.

11:38 am: Weapon, Shots Fired – 40000 block, Mohawk River Rd. Report of shots being fired in the area. Caller advises there are too many houses in the area.

5:13 pm: Fire, Illegal Burn – 50000 block, McK. Hwy. Report of a 2 – 3 ft. brush pile burning at location.

6:16 pm: Criminal Trespass – 92000 block, Marcola Rd. Report of a male subject on property, making comments about complainant needing to get laid. Involved vehicle is a red Ford Taurus. Involved is 5’ 8”, medium build, shirtless & wearing khaki shorts.

11:04 pm: Motor Vehicle Accident – McK. Hwy. & McK. River Dr. Single vehicle rollover into a small creek. Driver is out of the vehicle & waiting with caller.

July 3: 9:21 am: Civil Service – 92000 block, Walling St.

2:53 pm: Disturbance, Dispute – 45000 block, N. Gate Creek Rd. Neighbors are in a physical dispute.

5:47 pm: Disturbance, Dispute – 51000 block, Blue River Dr. Neighbor vs. neighbor’s mother.

6:46 pm: Disoriented Subject – Marcola Rd. & Camp Creek Rd. Involved is an older male subject who did not know who he was, where he lives or what day it is. Involved is walking toward Marcola. Male is 5’ 8”, thin, wearing a light long sleeve plaid shirt & blue jeans. 22:01: Patrolled to Camp Creek. 22:48: Springfield PD found subject. He still does not know who he is or where he’s at, advises he’s been walking for miles,

July 4: 3:47 am: Alarm – 56000 block, N. Bank Rd.

7:02 am: Disturbance, Dispute – 45000 block, N. Gate Creek Rd.

8:00 am: MVA – Terwilliger Hot Springs. Single vehicle into a ditch. Involved is a blue Ford SUV. A group of 4 men asked caller to report it. They saw a male subject who was “casing” vehicles at the hot springs, then got into the Ford & crashed the vehicle. Subject looked high on something. Group did not see crash, only saw him drive off. Subject is in his mid 40’s, no shirt & tattoo on shoulder. 08:26: Per Fire Dept. this is non-injury.

2:06 pm: Threat, Harassment – Shotgun Creek Rd. & Marcola Rd. Complainant was making a Youtube video for last 10 years. He stopped to relieve himself. Male & female were parked in the middle of the road target shooting. Subject started yelling at caller, demanding he pick up wood. Suspect vehicle is a dark gray or black 80’s full size truck.

7:02 pm: Dispute – 45000 block, N. Gate Creek Rd. Caller is seeing 6 people in an RV in a physical dispute.

11:49 pm: Driving Under the Influence – Marcola Rd. & Camp Creek Rd. Involved is a northbound green Toyota Tacoma that is unable to maintain lane.

July 5: 00:20: Attempt to Locate Drunk Driver – involved is a northbound Toyota Camry that almost rear ended & side swiped complainant. Vehicle was driving in the middle of the road.

1:46 am: Unknown Problem – Lat. 44.210722. Long. -122.829509.

12:20 am: ATL Drunk Driver – Marcola Rd. & Hill Rd.

12:51 am: Criminal Mischief – 90000 block, Angels Flight Rd. Window on RV is broken.

1:42 pm: Vandalism, Criminal Mischief – 50000 block, McK. Hwy. Subject broke into pump house – took the tanks, well pump, engine & distribution box.

3:04 pm: Towed Vehicle – 88000 block, Millican Rd.

5:35 pm: Violation of Stalking Order – 39000 block, Howard Rd.

7:19 pm: ATL DD – Wendling Rd. & Marcola Rd. Involved is a northbound green van that is all over the road.

12:51 pm: Vandalism, Criminal Mischief – 90000 block, Angels Flight Rd.


Comments as reported may not be complete or accurate. If further information is required contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office.


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