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By Dan Purkey

Several weeks ago, according to what I have been told, we had one of the most damaging wet snowstorms in the last hundred years. Many of us are still recovering from the results of the storm. During the course of several weeks Everyone’s Market, under the leadership of Happy Dhami and a welcoming team of associates, chose to stay open - providing gas, propane, groceries, and more.

As I travel around, both businesses and residents have told me how important Happy was in helping them through a difficult time. We need to acknowledge Happy and his team for their sacrifices in taking care of us!

Happy, his sisters and his parents grew up in Punjab, India. After ten years of going through immigration and citizenship processes, they were able to move to Union City, California. Happy was eleven years old, with dreams that we all have in making a difference in the lives of those around us. Happy’s Dad not only was a driver for a gas truck, but also invested in and taught his son the business of owning and managing a family market. Later, Happy married Namita and owned a 7/11 in the Castro Valley area of California. Subsequently, their lives were blessed with a son and a daughter.

Happy, Namita and their children headed to the Northwest in 2014 to seek an environment to raise their family children, plus an uncle was encouraging him to become the managing partner for several family-owned markets!

The rest is history…. eight Everyone’s Markets with his uncle, a belief that being there for others is of the utmost importance, spending quality time with his family (especially sports, hiking, fishing and homework!) and a strong desire to provide a quality career for many dedicated employees (Shyla, Shane, GG, Julie, Gary, Arish, Ed, Chelby, Etc.).

As he and his team continue to support our community, we need to support them! Open year-round, Monday – Friday (6 am – 10 pm) Saturday – Sunday (7 am – 10pm)…541-896-3261.


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