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By Dan Purkey

We are honored to have Judy Casad and her husband as a significant part of our community for the last several years. Immersed in community involvement and educating families on all aspects of home ownership has been two hallmarks of Judy’s focus!

Judy’s journey began in the Greater Seattle area, where she eventually moved to the City of Anacortes and began an extended career in the salon, hair design and day spa industry. I say “industry,” because she had a major impact as an industry trainer in all facets of the business; which is a vital ingredient of who she is today!

With Judy’s husband’s passion for fly fishing and her love of the “Outdoors,” they moved to the McKenzie River to explore the next part of their journey. Did I mention that she also has acquired a love for fly fishing!!

Initially, Judy planned on concentrating her attention on her artistic endeavors (oil, acrylic and gold leaf painting), plus her community involvement efforts. As time passed, her involvement in the Ford Institute Leadership Program, Marketing Director of the Chamber of Commerce, the Chainsaw Arts Festival, etc. became a priority!

A few years ago, Judy decided that she could best help families by absorbing herself in the Real Estate business, with the intention on listening, educating and helping every family find that “right” fit! One ingredient of that profile was to begin free podcasts that could assist in accomplishing her goals with families. I encourage you to go to her website: and plug into her podcasts, entitled “Your Best Move Ever”.

You can reach Judy at [email protected] or 541-968-2400. As one client said: “She is fantastic and knows what is best”.


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